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Frantor book pdf download for free or read online, also Frantor pdf was written by Honey Phillips.

AuthorHoney Phillips
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Frantor Book PDF download for free

Frantor Book PDF download for free

Seeing how happy his friends are with their newfound mates, Frantor struggles with his acute loneliness that he will never have a mate due to his scarred face. He is shocked to discover that one of his brothers, following Nelly’s “sages of wisdom”, kidnapped a girlfriend on his behalf and left her at his home. Florie finds herself trapped in the home of an alien who doesn’t allow her to see him except in disguise in the shadow of darkness. But as Florie and Frantor meet, he begins to hope that despite his looks, she will love him.

Hot and hot action for Frantor and Florie. Sweet alien romance. I love that this series is a nod to the classic Stanley Donen film as well as Phantom, two of my favorite musicals. Read the stories in order: things make more sense, character relationships build, and the overall story grows.

Frantor Pdf Download

The story of Frantor and Florie is such an emotionally moving read in this sixth book in the Seven Alien Brothers series and I loved it!
Expertly written and deeply moving, I felt the fears, pain and loneliness of this wounded warrior as told within the pages of this entertaining read.

Florie is one of the women kidnapped in the town of Wainwright and left in Frantor’s workshop by her brother Benjar. Frantor is unaware of this and is surprised to find Florie, and the stage is set for the wonderful narrative that follows. As the reader has learned in the previous books, Frantor is the brother who was horribly disfigured in the war and refuses to show himself to others, even more so now that his brothers have roommates on the ranch.

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Unable to bring Florie to the ranch due to a blizzard raging outside, he keeps his form hidden from her sight when interacting with her and Florie does not force the issue.
The attraction between the two quickly becomes apparent as the days go by, and I loved how Florie slowly began to work her way into Frantor’s heart as he was doing hers. You know what they say… the way to the heart is through the stomach and Florie is an excellent cook!

But seriously folks, Florie was such a good woman and I appreciated how she handled the situation she was in and the open understanding she showed towards Frantor who was afraid he was screaming into the night would run when he saw her face. The perfect couple, a perfect story and now my favorite of them all, and YES it ends in a very wonderful HEA (that made me cry with happiness).

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