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Before Us book pdf download for free or read online, also Before Us pdf was written by Jewel E. Ann.

BookBefore Us
AuthorJewel E. Ann
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Before Us Book PDF download for free

Before Us Book PDF download for free

Before Us by Jewel E. Ann is really an emotional story that will leave you crying one minute and also laughing the next. What happens when you open a book and instantly connect with the characters in the story? Well, it means you have a great trip ahead of you, so brace yourself, pack your bags, make that coffee or tea, grab your tissue and get ready for the ride of your life.

Emersyn Jane Clarke is 23 with a BFA and also student loans to prove it, along with a neurological disorder: epilepsy and also consequent medical debt; She is a homeless woman who makes the living from her car but cleans houses to earn some the money.

Before Us Pdf Download

Suzanne and Zackery Hays are an elderly couple battling a second cancer. Flight attendant Suzanne, 38, underwent a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, but the cancer returned and she underwent another operation, but this time it wasn’t as successful. Zack, thirty-three years old, pilot desperate to be his wife’s husband. He hires Emersyn to clean his house; You have much more than a maid.

Every time I read Jewel E. Ann I get a new perspective on life, love and what it means to be a good person. Some quotes from this story touch my heart and soul.

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As I read the premise of Before Us book, I wondered how the hell anyone could pull it off and make it believable. Make it authentic. Let it be something that lifts my heart and lives up to the expectations we have of an extraordinary romance. But if anyone has the writing skills to do it well, it’s our JEA and they did it brilliantly. Every word is beautiful, deep and moving.

Here is the basic premise. Emersyn Clarke gets a job cleaning Zack and Susie Hayes’ house. She befriends Susie and treats her like a “normal” person instead of the pity Susie sees in the eyes of her friends and family while waiting for her last breath. When Zack discovers Emersyn sleeping in his car, he takes her to his house. And months after Susie is gone and Emersyn needs health insurance, Zack offers a quiet, private marriage to convince him to get health insurance from Emersyn.

But boy, there is so much more to it! We see Zack’s strength as Susie lies dying, then his utter devastation and despair once she’s gone. We see Zack and Emersyn in an awkward and forced roommate situation and watch it slowly change over time. Then there’s all the fear of guilt, not knowing how to be there for the other person, not wanting to stop them from living the life they deserve. Yeh! The emotion is so strong that it swallowed me whole!

We really need to talk about Susie because she’s still such a driving force after her death. Many of my favorite quotes come from her lips. Extremely realistic, he approaches his latest chapter with poise, dignity, humor and compassion. She is the woman we would all wish to be friends with, and she is Emersyn’s consummate confidante, mentor and cheerleader.

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This is truly extraordinary, alluring and masterful work. Raw, chaotic and devastating, yet exquisite, breathtaking and full of grace and hope, this is the crème de la crème of my favorite read. It will live in my heart forever and make your romantic heart happy, so make sure you don’t miss it!

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