Download Hocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization [PDF] By A. W. Jantha

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Hocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization book pdf download for free or read online, also Hocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization pdf was written by A. W. Jantha.

BookHocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization
AuthorA. W. Jantha

Hocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization Book PDF download for free

Hocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization Book PDF download for free

Experience the magic of the cult classic Hocus Pocus with an illustrated novel that retells the film’s story, along with stunning original artwork by Gris Grimly, ahead of the release of Hocus Pocus 2!

For the first time, fans and readers of all ages can enjoy the full story of the hugely popular Hocus Pocus with this illustrated deluxe novel, introducing fans as Max Dennison, the Sanderson sisters, Binx the cat and other iconic characters. as only the acclaimed and renowned artist Gris Grimly can: in all his singular, darkly humorous, ghastly glory!

Featuring dozens of original illustrations, this novelization is sure to become an automatic must-have among collectors and avid fans of the film.

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Hocus Pocus The Illustrated Novelization Book Pdf Download

IMPRESSIVE! This book is so much nicer than I expected. I didn’t realize that the cover shown with this purchase was simply the dust cover. The book under the cover is red and on the cover it bears a very similar resemblance to the book cover in the movie intro. Then you have a wonderful illustration of the trio on the back cover of the book. There are countless illustrations throughout the pages, the full page ones are pure magic. Nor have the pages of the book itself been ignored in detail.

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They show a worn look and the beginnings of the chapters start with detailed calligraphy letters. Very reminiscent of the sisters’ spell book. This in itself can be a pure collector’s item. I’m surprised how low the price is as there is so much detail in the illustrations, the exterior and the overall feel of the book. I literally almost had tears in my eyes when I got my first look. The nostalgia will overwhelm you and you, as a Hocus Pocus fan, will protect this amazing book at all costs.

I love it! The illustrations in this book are quite well done and the story is also very well written. So far I’ve only read the prologue which is the first scene of the film until we see the sisters being hanged. I can really say that I will enjoy reading this book! And at the perfect time, with Hocus Pocus 2 coming out in less than a month!

The only negative thing about this book is some of the detail in the illustrations. Winifred’s dress has no design. Also, her hair is orange like everyone else for some reason. Her hair is a dark but vibrant red. Also, Allison is blonde for some reason. In the film, she is clearly a brunette. Even though the witches sing “I Put A Spell On You,” the spell they recite is wrong in this book. A lot of people misquote it as “alpha maybe uppendie”, but it’s actually “oppa”, not “alpha”. You can see his lips say “oppa”, also the subtitles on the DVD and Disney+ say “oppa”. I was hoping they would get it right since most people don’t.

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I’ll start by saying I haven’t read the whole book yet as it just came out today. I have to say that from what I’ve read so far the book seems to be well written. It’s also an absolutely beautiful book that appears to be very well done. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and add a very nice touch. When you remove the protective outer shell you are left with a fantastic old school witch style case that I love just as if not more than the cover.

The book is quite large, which can make it difficult to take with you, but it doesn’t particularly bother me. My only slight disappointment is that I thought each page would come with some sort of illustrations, which isn’t the case. Overall I love this book so far and am very happy with my purchase.

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