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Incubus Dreams book pdf download for free or read online, also Incubus Dreams pdf was written by Laurell K. Hamilton.

BookIncubus Dreams
AuthorLaurell K. Hamilton
Size1.1 MB

Incubus Dreams Book PDF download for free

Incubus Dreams Book PDF download for free

Vampire slayer Anita Blake finds her life more complicated than ever as she is caught between her obligations to the living and the undead.

Incubus Dreams Book Pdf Download

Incubus Dreams reads more like three books combined into one, which is perhaps why it gets such poor reviews from a lot of people. Its length is unwieldy; Combined with the pacing, I wonder if the author sees the series finale coming and is urging the reader to hurry up.

This book is not as bad as I expected based on the reviews. It’s true that rough sex, group sex, and public sex abound, but if you can get past the descriptions and see it metaphorically, it’s not as graphic as you think.

I found the book to be divided into three main areas that would have worked quite well on their own as stand-alone books: Anita acknowledging her own monster and accepting it enough to drop most of her defenses and form real relationships that complete the original triumvirate and create a second with unexpected powers manifesting and a setup for a final showdown wrapped up in a stripper serial killer case that gets stuck at the end.

All this happens in about three or four days; There is very little sleep in this book. Yes, there are great, great characters and stories from previous books that aren’t resolved here, but this book covers such a short period of time and already affects so many, many people that adding them would have been unmanageable. Asher, Belle Morte, Damien and Jason are all there and I’m sure they’ll be highly regarded in the next book based on the setup here.

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Typos, missing words, and a rather unpleasant conversation that Anita has with Richard detract from the quality of the narrative and hopefully the direction the author is pushing her readers in. I felt like this was a bridging book, one not meant to advance the plot but rather to prepare us for the ultimate stories yet to be told. Either Mrs. Hamilton has dumped Anita for her Merry Gentry series and all of that will fizzle out, or she’s brilliantly building her characters up for a monumental climax.

If you read the book carefully, you’ll see that the stage is set for a confrontation with Mother: the addition of vampire warriors, the rise of triunverates and their power, Anita’s new ability to raise the dead, and the series’ jokes. -kill vampire head released with ties to Belle Morte. I thought the sex had started to get a lot out of hand, but it served to align all the characters here to end things in a way that should satisfy loyal readers of the series as a whole.

All in all, I don’t think this deserves a five star rating, but it’s better than three. Despite the shoddy editing, Ms. Hamilton has a talent for graphic storytelling, action, and dialogue (except for Anita, who yells at everyone to f*ck her during sex). Without elaborating and explaining it concretely, it seems that all the characters are heading for their own crossroads: Anita is brooding and a bit bitter, Jean-Claude is insecure, and Richard is really buried under his own (and Anita’s) anger and self-loathing.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nathaniel discovers a dominant side, Damien becomes more needy than expected, Jason proves more mature than he seems, and Micah is deeper and more troubled than Anita suspects. There is a lot of emotional turmoil in this book, and while I missed out on the longer, more forceful police investigations of the previous books, it would have been too much to add to an already busy story.

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Due to its length and reliance on the element of commotion, it would be a difficult book to read repeatedly, but it feels like a necessary step towards the conclusion I desperately hope Ms. Hamilton delivers.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone unfamiliar with the series start with this book; The best way to enjoy all of Mrs. Hamilton’s books is to start at the beginning and read them in order. For fans of the series who want to know how it all ends, however long and boring it may be, I still think this is a must-read book to follow the characters to the end.

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