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Hold On To Me book pdf download for free or read online, also Hold On To Me pdf was written by Jules Bennett.

USA Today bestselling author Jules Bennett sold her first novel in year 2005 and hasn’t stopped since. Since it was first published, he has written nearly 90 books, novels, and short stories.

When Jules isn’t writing, she spends time with her high school sweetheart, to whom she has been married since she was 21, and is raising a family. She loves to travel with family and friends on her research trips, and when she’s home she cuddles up with her rescued dog, Maggie.

BookHold On To Me
AuthorJules Bennett
Size700 KB

Hold On To Me Book PDF download for free

Hold On To Me Book PDF download for free

Jade McKenzie surpassed the expectations of her high society family when she returned to cozy Haven, and she’s never been happier. But what was supposed to be a quick trip to Nashville for a cousin’s wedding turns into a disaster when one of the airport pilots offers to take her there.

A crash landing and a shared room later, and the tattooed, bearded Cash Miller emerges as her wonderfully unsuitable companion, arousing her in ways she can’t deny. But a relationship? Are alone? This is definitely in the no-fly zone.

Vincent “Cash” Miller doesn’t have much in the world, but he has pride and a strict policy not to let anyone put his friends down, even their mothers. The defense of the sexy and wayward Jade is natural, but also the deep itch for her, which he has always wanted to scratch. Giving in to attraction is the one thing, but commitment is totally another. So why does it seem that love could take them to awesome heights together?

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Hold On To Me Book Pdf Download

Great ending to the series. Jade was happy to leave her snooty family behind and return to her hometown with her two best friends. He’s a lot happier in Haven than he is in Atlanta. In Haven, Jade teaches yoga and does PR for the airport she and the others are renovating. Striking cash from time to time keeps life interesting.

Cash is one of the pilots and a cousin of Jade’s best friend’s husbands. He is quite flirtatious and has a good reputation with women. Jade isn’t too happy about being the only pilot available to take her to a family wedding, but she’ll put up with it if she has to.

Engine failure and a crash landing cause Jade to see a different side of Cash. And when he offers to be her “plus one” for the wedding, she accepts. Cash may not fit in with the rest of the crowd at the wedding, but he has his own standards. One thing he will not tolerate is someone putting his friends down. When Jade’s mom starts dating her, Cash can’t help but stand up for her.

I loved the development of Jade and Cash’s relationship. Sparks have flown between them since the beginning of the series, and in this book they fly out of control. The weekend in Nashville brings those sparks to a head, and the fire between them is almost out of control. Both are shocked by the strength of their passion and agree that what happened in Nashville stays in Nashville.

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It doesn’t last more than a few days after they return to Haven and they can’t stop thinking about each other. However, he doesn’t want a relationship, nor does he want his friends to think anything is going on between them, so they agree to keep their time together a secret.

There were times when he wanted to shake them both. Both have issues that make them reluctant to open their hearts to anyone else. Jade’s recent breakup with a cheating boyfriend makes her reluctant to trust another man. Her upbringing made her shy away from strong emotions. His ex-wife lied and cheated on Cash, which damaged his trust. Aside from Jax and Tanner, the only family Cash has is his alcoholic father, with whom he has a difficult relationship.

Both keep their emotions in check and are reluctant to share things that show their vulnerability. When they sense the other person getting too close, they both find a way to emotionally distance themselves from each other, although their physical closeness continues to grow. Jade also has trouble believing anything will last between them and Cash thinks the gulf between them is too big.

Nothing can stop the feelings that continue to grow between them. I loved Jade’s concern for Cash when he got sick, and Cash’s performance in Jade’s Hot Yoga class was a riot. Things are going pretty well for them and Cash is ready to take the next step when problems arise in the form of Jade’s mother.

He longed for Jade as, in her panic, she said things that deeply hurt Cash. Cash’s pain was evident as all the dreams he had weaved crumbled. I loved how their friends helped them solve their problems and see that they belong together. The ending was sweet, romantic and perfect for both of them.

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I liked seeing more couples from the previous books and also from the Monroe brothers series. The relationship between Cash and his cousins ​​is good, and the mutual support is excellent. Jade’s relationship with her two friends is sister-like and I loved the scenes they had together. There are some funny moments when Jade and Cash try to keep their activities a secret and their friends come across things that make them suspicious.

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