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Arrows And Apologies book pdf download for free or read online, also Arrows And Apologies pdf was written by Sav R. Miller.

Sav R. Miller is an international bestselling author of dark and contemporary romance.
Graduating her lifelong love of reading and writing in 2018 with a degree in Creative Writing, Sav now spends her time making morally gray characters happy for the rest of their lives.
Sav currently resides in central Kentucky with two puppies, Lord Byron and Poe. He loves sitcoms, silence and sardonic humor.

Sav R. Miller is a bestselling author of dark contemporary romance from Kentucky, best known for the King’s Trace Antiheroes series of novels.
The author is from Baltimore but moved to Kentucky at the age of seven and spent much of her childhood in the state.

Miller started writing at a young age and decided to specialize based on his interest. In college, she majored in English, minored in cultural anthropology, and earned a certification as a technical writer.

She now resides in Kentucky where she lives with Poe and Lord Byron, her two puppies. When she’s not writing her novels, she quietly sits and watches sardonic comedy shows, sitcoms, Diet Cokes, racy romance novels, and listens to lo-fi beats on Spotify.

BookArrows And Apologies
AuthorSav R. Miller

Arrows And Apologies Book PDF download for free


They say every proud man must fall.
Mortals who think they are gods will one day kneel.

I thought I was invincible.
Apollo on earth.
He mocked my brother when he succumbed to such a fate.
Before he noticed the blue haired nymph lurking in the background.

Cora Astor shouldn’t have come to this island.
He taunted in my direction and seduced me with his disgust.

Like Wolfe, hunting is in my blood.
Getting what I want is my nature.
Even though I know I can never have it.

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Although I can’t keep it
I plan to enjoy the hunt.

Arrows and Apologies is a dark contemporary romance inspired by the myth of Apollo and Daphne. It is NOT a fantasy or retelling.

Arrows And Apologies Book Pdf Download

Every time a Sav R Miller book comes out, I honestly wonder how it’s going to surpass the others. I’ve read every single one of his books and I’m always blown away by the latest book. A&A is no exception.

Arrows and Apologies is based on the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne, there’s a nice connection to the myth and the name of the dog… Just… BTW.

We have 2 characters in this book: Alistair and Cora, if you have read the previous book Oaths and Omissions* we have a reference to Alistair (Jonas’ brother) and a reference to a girl with blue hair that would be Cora.
*You do not HAVE to read the previous book, but it would be wise to start with Promises and Pomegranates at the beginning and work your way up (or if you are committed, start with the Kings Trace books). FORWARD.

We know that Alistair is the mayor of this city, another very corrupt and very strange city. It seems difficult to read, it’s a bit rude and very intense. LITTLE DO WE KNOW THAT OUR MAYOR HAS SOMETHING FOR oh, I dunno, DEATH… and braces. He’s also a bit obsessive, I mean I wouldn’t say no to a man who would paint areas blue, change floors and build me a pool. But what do I know?

Cora is a gem. She arrives in town hoping to find her brother who disappeared a year ago. She gave her a folder to go through to see what might have happened. Fast forward to Cora and Alistair having an intense and passionate meeting and then she kind of becomes his secretary.

Without spoiling the story, there is a HUGE plot twist, one that I didn’t see coming and then got mad at myself for not seeing it. There is a lot of things to talk about nose piercings and blue, which has totally made me want to dye my hair blue now. And we have Kal/Elena and Lenny/Jonas action!

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Honestly, these characters have become some of my favorites, they are entertaining and entertaining. I love how different each character is, but it somehow connects them to previous books and characters. I’m waiting until we get MORE King’s Trace connections though… JUST SAY.

The only negative thing about this book is that I now have to wait for the next in the series.

Oh, what a tangled web Alistair Wolfe has spun for himself. Things get even more complicated for the mayor of the island of Alpana when a mysterious blue-haired beauty enters his life.

Cora Astor has her own secrets when she landed in this small town. She didn’t expect that the man who rocked her world would be her new boss.

This book cements Alistair Wolfe’s place on the list of deliciously evil book buddies. Ruthlessly ruthless, he has only one weakness: an attraction to Cora he can’t seem to shake.

This gritty read has the best ingredients: high-speed romance, suspense to the brim, and fast-paced action. Inspired by the story of Apollo and Daphne, I particularly liked the Easter egg references to the myth.

This is the fourth book in Miller’s Monsters and Muses series. While we get character cameos from previous books, this book can be read on its own.

If you are a fan of dark romance, this is a must see. However, if you are new to dark books, be sure to check the content warnings at the beginning of the book.

Sometimes when you meet someone, it’s magical, destinies that bring them together. I would like to believe that Alastair and Cora were bound by that fate. Sav Miller writes about my favorite characters… Dr. Kallum Anderson, the Wolfe brothers… all sexy, badass men who would protect you to the death.
The women: Lenny Elena and Cora…you just can’t separate the girl they were from the girl they had to become in order to survive.

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I’m imagining the island of Aplana… I want to go there and not come back. The landscape with the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic is so Cape Cod. We see that in the other books, but Alastair chasing Cora through the forest as Apollo was so symbolic that I felt like I was in a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
The intro…when they meet, their kiss and everything that followed in the alley of their bar will forever live free in my mind.

That was pure chemistry. Everything around him imploded and I’m glad the evil reclaimed karma and something else because Alistair deserves love because deep down he’s a giver. Everything turns blue like her hair in her world, even her shirts and suits that changed from black like her soul overnight.

I died getting people to build a pool for her just because she likes to swim. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if you found a way to bottle their bleach and citrus scent please… make a scented candle for this couple. !!!
I read this book in less than A Day. I’ll read it again… definitely. Do I really need the special editions of this series? Yesterday!

The age gap has become an issue in this series, I don’t understand why 23 year old women is the key age. I think it’s the perfect age when we’re still a little wild, spinning around like a top waiting for land… I hope we see a lot more books with these couples… Alastair as a presidential candidate sounds like it

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