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Knight book pdf download for free or read online, also Knight pdf was written by Fiona Davenport.

AuthorFiona Davenport
Size141 KB

Knight Book PDF download for free

Knight Book PDF download for free

Shane “Knight” Ballard knew that the blonde beauty he saw on the courthouse steps was his. But with danger looming, this was not the right time to claim it. Not if he could jeopardize his safety.

What Knight didn’t know was that Kiara Timkins was already at the heart of the matter. The corrupt judge the Silver Saints were investigating was her father…and he would need Knight to rescue her from her.

There is definitely no way to avoid falling in love with a Silver Saint. This time, Kiara looks to the Silver Saints for answers, but she finds what she wasn’t looking for in Knight/Shane. And what starts in the middle is unstoppable.

Knight Pdf Download

Knight and Kiara are adorable! I love the instant hookups on this show, but sometimes it can feel like guys don’t really get to know their wives outside of the bedroom. Knight has something of an epiphany when he discovers Kiara’s artistic talents. The way he acknowledges and corrects that was great.

And how her art fit together, as well as the tattoo section, was so much fun! I love Knight’s work!

I also love that the club keeps a stock of pregnancy tests on hand because they know what’s going on!

In addition! Next fall’s Silver Saint preview is fascinating, and I hope we get to see more of Kiara in her story as well!

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