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Guarded book pdf download for free or read online, also Guarded pdf was written by Nicole Dykes.

AuthorNicole Dykes
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Guarded Book PDF download for free

Guarded Book PDF download for free

Guarded is a wonderfully sweet and fearless entry into the Kensley Panthers series. Bates and Dixon are a lovely grumpy/lonely couple who are a lot of fun. They are teammates who are enemies and become something more over the course of their senior year.

Guarded is the latest installment in this series that follows Bates and Dixon through their senior year. They are teammates who “tolerate” each other. Bates despises Dixon, who doesn’t know why. As tensions rise, their dynamics are violently altered, resulting in an intense moment.

Guarded Pdf Download

I love a good story between enemies and lovers, but more than that, I completely melt when characters who were once enemies find this common ground on whatever topic eventually brings them together, and then the chemistry between them completely explodes! ! I’m serious, there’s nothing like the bubble and brew that builds up to that explosion, but when it does happen, it’s always amazing. I have to say that both boys were strong and different, but strong in the way they navigated through this story. I loved.

Jameson and Garrison disagree and go back to kindergarten. They’ve never actually been friends even though they live in a small town, so there isn’t much space to get away from each other, which is the biggest issue when it comes to their s@xuality. Garrison bumps into Jameson kissing another boy, and since Garrison is known for being loud and somewhat obnoxious, it only angers Jameson that it was Garrison who saw it. To Garrison, however, he was glad he was, since he keeps his own secret and would never open up to anyone if it’s his own secret that he wants to share.

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These two misunderstand each other for so long that when the walls finally come crashing down, or the explosion finally happens, even though it’s a hot moment, it’s also a bit heartbreaking. Nicole is so good at combining passion with great emotional moments, you’re really there in the minds of the characters and living that experience with them, so she makes everything new for the reader as well.

I love Nicole’s books! They are constantly filled with emotional blockbusters, burning passion, and I could read them forever.

This story is much bigger than two boys who fall in love. It encapsulates small-town life, meets parental expectations, and everything about his life after graduation. I loved how he approached this book and can’t wait to see how the next one pans out.

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