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Love’s Executioner: And Other Tales Of Psychotherapy book pdf download for free or read online, also Love’s Executioner: And Other Tales Of Psychotherapy pdf was written by Irwin D. Yalom.

Irvin David Yalom (born June 13, 1931) is an American existential psychiatrist, an emeritus professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, and an author of fiction and nonfiction.

Yalom was born in Washington, DC born. About fifteen years before he was born in the United States, Yalom’s Jewish parents emigrated from Russia (although his home country was Poland) and eventually opened a grocery store in Washington, D.C. Yalom spent much of his childhood reading books at the family home about the grocery store and at a local library. After graduating from high school, he attended the George Washington University and then the Boston University School of Medicine.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University in 1952 and an MD from Boston University School of Medicine in 1956, he did his internship at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and his residency at the Phipps Clinic in New York. Johns Hopkins Hospital in New York Baltimore and graduated in 1960.

After two years of military service at Tripler General Hospital in Honolulu, Yalom began his academic career at Stanford University. He was appointed to the faculty in 1963 and promoted over the next several years until receiving a mandate in 1968. Shortly after this period he made some of his most enduring contributions, teaching group psychotherapy and developing his model of existential psychotherapy. .

His writings on existential psychology focus on what he calls the four “facts” of the human condition: isolation, meaninglessness, mortality, and freedom, and discuss the ways in which the human person can respond to these concerns in functional or functional ways. dysfunctional

In 1970, Yalom published The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy and discussed the research literature on group psychotherapy and the behavioral social psychology of small groups. This paper examines how individuals function in a group context and how members of group therapy benefit from their group participation.

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In addition to his academic non-fiction writing, Yalom is the author of several novels and has also experimented with writing techniques. In Every Day Gets a Little Closer, Yalom invited a patient to write together about his experiences with therapy. The book has two different voices taking turns contemplating the same experience.

Yalom’s works have been used as college textbooks and standard reading for psychology majors. His new and unique perspective on the patient-client relationship has been incorporated into the curriculum of psychology programs at schools such as John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

Yalom continues to maintain a part-time private practice and is the author of several video documentaries on therapeutic techniques. Yalom also appears in the 2003 documentary Flight from Death, a film that explores the relationship between human violence and fear of death related to unconscious influences.

The Irvin D. Yalom Institute for Psychotherapy, which he co-directs with Professor Ruthellen Josselson, is working to further develop Yalom’s approach to psychotherapy. This unique combination of bringing more philosophy into psychotherapy can be called psychosophy.

He was married to author and historian Marilyn Yalom, who died in November 2019. Their four children are: Eve, a gynecologist, Reid, a photographer, Victor, a psychologist and businessman, and Ben, a theater director.

BookLove’s Executioner: And Other Tales Of Psychotherapy
AuthorIrwin D. Yalom
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Love’s Executioner: And Other Tales Of Psychotherapy Book PDF download for free

Love's Executioner: And Other Tales Of Psychotherapy Book PDF download for free

In this classic book, master psychotherapist Irvin D. Yalom uncovers the mysteries, frustrations, pathos, and humor that lie at the heart of the therapeutic encounter.

With insight and sympathy, Yalom not only gives us a rare and compelling glimpse into the personal desires and motivations of ten of his patients, but also tells his own story as he struggles to balance his all-too-human reaction with sensitivity. human of him. Psychiatrist .

Love’s Executioner has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers and promises to inspire generations of readers.

Love’s Executioner: And Other Tales Of Psychotherapy Book Pdf Download

I realized that there is so much depth in this work that it is worth revisiting it again and again. What Makes It So Good Contains the wisdom of a master existential therapist who is also a gifted storyteller (Love’s Executioner is a non-fiction based on true cases, but it reads like beautiful fiction).

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And what is existential psychotherapy? It begins with the idea that our basic psychological malaise stems from hardships etched into human existence, such as our fear of death and our ultimate loneliness. Or, as Yalom writes in the foreword to Love’s Executioner: “Four realities are particularly relevant to psychotherapy: the inevitability of death for each of us and for those we love, the freedom to shape our lives as we wish, our ultimate loneliness and ultimately the lack of any apparent purpose or purpose in life.

As grim as these realities seem, they contain the seeds of wisdom and redemption. I hope to demonstrate in these ten psychotherapy stories that it is possible to face the truths of existence and harness its power in the service of transformation and personal growth. *

This paragraph captures the central outline of the book, but if you were to stop there, you’d be missing something. Like all great artists, Yalom brings these essential themes to life for you to feel in your bones. He catches our breath through the stories, the intimate details, and glimpses into the lives of some of his extraordinary patients (or sometimes “normal,” but extraordinary in Yalom’s capable hands).

The tender truth often shines through in Love’s Executioner. We see the art of psychotherapy, and thus life, practiced by a teacher, both as author and midwife guide of psychological wisdom.

Other reviewers here have noted that Love’s Executioner is required reading for therapists and those undergoing psychotherapy. That’s true, and Yalom is understandably a rock star among therapists, not only for his deft prose (he’s also an accomplished novelist), but also for his textbooks, which have been read by two generations of the therapists. But it would be a shame if this masterpiece, and I think it’s fair to call Love’s Executioner his masterpiece, wasn’t read by everyone.

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Because there is something for everyone: whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Fiction lovers will experience the narrative and intimacy of a great novel. Non-fiction readers know that these are true patient stories and gain practical insights. As I mentioned, I plan on rereading or listening to this book regularly, knowing that I will learn something new each time. Books can’t get much better than this.

  • In Love’s Executioner, Yalom states that he does not belong to any school of psychological thought. Because I see existential psychological dilemmas as true for everyone, regardless of his philosophical or religious beliefs, I tend to agree with him. However, I believe that this is still a view and that there will be others with a different view who will see existential therapy as a school of thought. – I was originally given a promotional/review copy of the audiobook, but I like it so much that I have received extra copies and given copies away to friends and colleagues.

Love’s Executioner offers the reader a rare look at psychotherapy through the eyes of an exceptionally qualified and experienced psychotherapist. dr Yalom tells about the stories of his real encounters with his patients with unusual honesty and warmth. His willingness to acknowledge insecurity, doubt, and not always generous feelings toward his patients demonstrates that psychotherapy is a complicated but imperfect art. Breaking the illusion of the omniscient psychotherapist does both therapist and patient a service by instilling realistic expectations for this particular encounter between two people.

dr Yalom brings to each of his stories the vibrancy of a finely crafted mystery, each with twists and turns and often endings that are as surprising to his patients as they are to his therapist and readers. His fascination with obsessive love sets the tone for his cover story and also features prominently in his historical novel ALS NIETZSCHE WEINT. His magnificent narration gently entertains and educates, offering his LEs a rare insight into not only psychotherapy but also the human condition.

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