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Maame book pdf download for free or read online, also Maame pdf was written by Jessica George.

AuthorJessica George
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Maame Book PDF download for free

Maame Book PDF download for free

MAAME is a moving coming-of-age story about family, bereavement, and finding your own way. Maddie has been caring for her father with Parkinson’s alone for years. Her brother is too busy traveling and her mother is busy with the hotel she runs in Ghana. Although she needs support, she is not given emotional or financial support, even when asked. When her mother tells her to come back and move out, Maddie is ready to start her own life, even though she loves her father very much.

Maddie finds an apartment with two outgoing roommates and, after being unceremoniously fired from her suffocating job, she finds a new one. She also finds a new boyfriend and really begins to grow, until things take a new turn with her father and she is caught up in grief, regret and guilt. As she continues to navigate her complex family, she is learning a lot about what she wants, what a healthy relationship is, and how to find her own way.

Maame Pdf Download

This was a truly emotional and absorbing read. Although Maddie is 25 years old, in some ways she has been acting like an adult for years and in others she still hasn’t had a chance to grow up. Her life revolves around her father, and though she is fueled by love and need, Maddie begins to put herself first. However, this is not without guilt and complications. Maddie felt so real and connected to so much. I appreciated the subsequent therapy sessions that the reader gets to witness as they really help dig into the issues that are most important to Maddie and the reader.

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Family issues, complicated family relationships, guilt, grief, regret, healthy (or toxic) relationships, the importance of anti-racism, toxic work culture, mental illness, friendship, and the value of selfishness (and selflessness) They were really well done and thoughtful. This reading captures all the complexities of human relationships and their dangers, and much more. I especially liked the topics around mental illness, what self-care can mean, and how important it is to get help. Maddie and her life were raw, real, and exhausting, as she is a three-dimensional person who makes mistakes, learns from them, and grows a lot throughout the story. It is impossible not to love her.

The cultural and family struggles in the book were also very strong. Maddie was raised in London by Ghanaian parents who tried to teach her the language and culture. She feels both connected and disconnected from this culture and its expectations of her, and has many revelations about her relationship with it. Relationships (friend, family, romance) were central to the plot, with the positive juxtaposed with the negative. Life is complicated, just like the people and characters in this story. There is a lot to discover in any type of relationship, and it would be very interesting to delve further into a book club.

Overall, MAAME is a powerful and compelling coming-of-age story with an unforgettable character. Recommended for anyone who likes an engaging, thought-provoking, and emotional read.

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