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The Last Mrs. Parrish book pdf download for free or read online, also The Last Mrs. Parrish pdf was written by Liv Constantine.

Liv Constantine is the pseudonym of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Lynne and Valerie are nationally and internationally successful authors with over a million copies sold worldwide. Her books have been translated into 28 different languages, are available in 33 countries, and are in development for both television and film. Her books have been recognized by USA Today, The Sunday Times, People Magazine and Good Morning America, among others. Her first novel, THE LAST LADY. PARRISH is a selection from Reese Witherspoon’s book club.

Lynne is a former marketing executive with an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She has explored coral reefs around the world, sunken shipwrecks in the South Pacific, and fallen in love with angelfish in the Caribbean. When Lynne isn’t writing, she can be found snuggled up with her Labrador and Golden Retrievers reading a good book or strolling the beach dreaming up devious plans for her characters.

Valerie has always loved reading books and spent many nights reading by the light of her bedside lamp until 3 am. She lives with her husband and her brilliant Cavalier King Charles babies, Zorba and DaVinci.

Earlier in her career, she served as a White House Assistant in the President’s Office of Planning and Advances, planning trips and presidential trips and has visited more than forty countries.

BookThe Last Mrs. Parrish
AuthorLiv Constantine
Size2.9 MB

The Last Mrs. Parrish Book PDF download for free

The Last Mrs. Parrish Book PDF download for free

Amber Patterson is fed up. She is tired of being a nobody: a simple, invisible woman who blends into the background. She deserves more: a life of money and power that blonde, blue-eyed goddess Daphne Parrish takes for granted.

To everyone in the exclusive town of Bishops Harbor, Connecticut, Daphne, a socialite and philanthropist, and her husband, real estate mogul Jackson, are a couple straight out of a fairy tale.

Amber’s jealousy could eat her up. . . If she didn’t have a plan. Amber uses Daphne’s compassion and care to insinuate herself into the family’s lives, the first step in a meticulous plan to undermine them.

Amber soon becomes Daphne’s closest confidante, she travels to Europe with the Parrish’s and her beautiful daughters, and becomes closer to Jackson. But a skeleton of her past could undermine everything Amber has been working for and, if she’s found out, her well-conceived plan could be derailed.

With shocking twists and dark secrets that will keep you guessing until the very end of the story, The Last Mrs. Parrish is a fresh, juicy and utterly addictive thriller from a fiendishly imaginative talent.

The Last Mrs. Parrish Book Pdf Download

The Last Mrs. Parrish is an AMAZING READ!!!! Just be prepared to do nothing else until you finish the last page!

Fed up with the life she’s been living, Amber decides it’s time to change everything. She will no longer be just a wallflower. She has spent years putting her plan into action, and now is the time. Unfortunately, Daphne and her husband Jackson are the target.

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Amber really exemplifies what a villain really is. She is filled with envy and he eats her alive until all her darkness consumes her. She uses the Daphne’s compassion to gain the access to her family. He feels that everything Daphne has should be his and goes after him no matter what.

The genius of this book is that it is told from both Amber and Daphne’s point of view. The first part is narrated by Amber. It gives readers a deep dive into her confused minds. The second part is narrated by Daphne. Readers take a look at her life and discover that privilege and wealth are not all that they seem. All I can say is that the deeper you go into it, the more addictive it becomes.

This is a book full of shocking twists and layers of deception and mystery. It’s a pretty slow build until you get to part 2 and then buckle up because it’s a FAST ride after that. Do not lose patience, because the construction is definitely worth it. It really is the foundation of the whole story and sets the tone for rest of the book. If you’re looking for a fast-paced psychological thriller, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Admittedly, The Last Mrs Parrish has little psychological tension, but it’s a very unabashed thriller that takes some surprising turns as the story progresses and quickly becomes an insidiously addictive read. The simple premise underscores this novel, which has much more substance to it than meets the eye, and is backed by a strong plot that ensures it is more than cleverly lit. A well-constructed story that moves forward and touches on some surprisingly important themes, the end result is a hilariously funny and very honest novel.

Tired of being a zero, Amber Patterson is determined to overcome the mediocrity of her impoverished past and her past failures. She is manipulative, insincere and unrepentant. She has a plan to change all that and sets her sights on insinuating herself into the life of beautiful Daphne Parrish, the adored wife of desirable and laid-back businessman Jackson.

Living the dream in a 30-bedroom estate in exclusive Bishops Harbor with her two daughters, Daphne has everything Amber wants to make her own…and she’s willing to play the long game to usurp Daphne’s affections and Claiming Jackson. Told in three parts, the first two of which are roughly the same length, focusing first on the serpentine Amber’s perspective and the second on the loving Daphne, the last fifty pages are devoted to the belated discovery of Amber’s intentions by of Daphne.

However, since Amber has some dark secrets in her past that she is determined to leave behind, the success of her plans depends on getting Jackson exactly where she wants him before she is exposed as a scheming witch. .

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Thoroughly investigating her chosen target, Amber ruthlessly sneaks into Daphne’s affections, using her caring, trusting manner with a mixture of outright lies (including a deceased sister suffering from cystic fibrosis) and wide-eyed innocent naivete. . Throughout Amber’s third-person narration, there are some dazzling foreshadowings of things to come, making it clear that things may not be what they seem behind the golden couple’s glamorous facade.

While the opening lacks subtlety and risks losing less patient readers when Amber unleashes an offensive of palette-applied charm, the brilliant characterization and impeccable attention to detail managed to hold the details of a life of opulence, the mine to keep attention well. There is certainly much more between (and under) the covers of this novel than meets the eye, and discovering this will upset few readers, but it’s still fun! Mime villains, sociopaths, and schemers abound, but Amber’s third-person narration with biting internal dialogue will ensure most readers stick around for an artfully satisfying resolution.

The second half begins with Daphne’s first-person narrative, following the course of her marriage from first meeting as a twenty-six-year-old college student to thirty-five-year-old Jackson, a CEO of a company that had been forged a reputation. from scratch as some kind of playboy. Gradually coming to the present and becoming aware of Amber’s intriguing stunts, Daphne, older and wiser than her, taught her over their married years how to make the best of a bad situation.

More than anything, she understands what drives Jackson and that nothing stands in his way of getting exactly what he wants… Ask questions about guilt, infidelity, jealousy, infertility with a dash of coercive control and get ready. for a Machiavellian mind. games. A tight plot with some remarkably deft twists and turns, it’s all the more of an achievement given that it’s the collaborative work of two sisters separated by three states. A polished debut, the novel makes for an excellent sitcom, and despite the attention to detail a lengthy book demands, it’s never more than welcome.

A gold miner on a ruthless quest to usurp the prized wife of an illustrious and handsome tycoon may sound like a boring rehash of the plot, but it’s executed with poise and no regrets. The Last Mrs Parrish is escapist fiction at its finest.

The story, originally told from Amber’s point of view, begins with Amber orchestrating a “chance” encounter between her and Daphne Parish at the gym. Daphne is the wife of Jackson Parrish, one of the richest and most influential men (not to mention handsome) in a Connecticut town filled with wealthy and influential people.

Daphne seems to have to perfect her life; a very rich handsome husband, two lovely girls and one of the most beautiful houses in the city full of beautiful houses. The only drawback seems to be that she really misses her sister, who died of cystic fibrosis nearly twenty years earlier. In addition to her husband and children, Daphne’s passion is the non-profit organization Julie’s Smile, which she founded in honor of her sister.

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Being a girl who does her homework, Amber knows how to use a false cystic fibrosis connection to sneak into Daphne’s life. It works as a thousand wonders. The two women soon become friends and bond over the loss of their beloved sisters, a false loss on Amber’s part.

It’s clear from the start that Amber’s ultimate goal is to steal Daphne from Jackson and become the next Mrs. Parrish. She seems like she will do anything to get what she wants.

The second part is told from Daphne’s point of view, and that’s where the book gets interesting. Is there more to story than just meets the eye? Is Daphne more than an overprivileged housewife with a maid and a charming life? Author Liv Constantine (actually co-written by sisters Valerie and Lynne Constantine) slowly reveals the story behind the story and it’s quite the story!

At first I thought I was reading some sort of recycling story, I got there, I’m done. Not bad, but not very original. I kept going because this book got positive reviews from some of my friends at GR so I knew it had to be good. I am happy to have done it!! Although there were some hints during Amber’s narration that let the reader know there was more to the story, the plot really picked up speed when Daphne’s account began. I love that the story is told by not a single person but two different characters. It was so much fun to hear what everyone thought about different events.

The main twist revealed halfway through the book was AWESOME! I love him so much!!!

I loved parts of the book, including Daphne and Jackson’s girls, Bella and Tallulah. Bella brought up some candid moments from her childhood as she expressed her unfiltered opinions of hers. it was fun

At first I didn’t like Daphne as a character, but I grew to love her and ended up loving her!

There was so much more to love, but these are the highlights.

Some places were a bit predictable. I wasn’t particularly impressed with some of the things that Jackson did and said that he resembled a lot of the male characters in the books I had read before.

Most of the characters were practically black and white. The “good” characters were very good, they probably had halos, but the bad characters were almost irrevocable. I prefer characters with a little more gray.

The ending tied things up a bit or almost. I like a clean, crisp finish, but this one was too perfect and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad it ended that way, but it was too pretty a bow on the packaging.

Addictive thriller that was more than I expected.

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