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Merciless Devil book pdf download for free or read online, also Merciless Devil pdf was written by Kylie Kent.

BookMerciless Devil
AuthorKylie Kent
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Merciless Devil Book PDF download for free

Merciless Devil Book PDF download for free

Merciless Devil takes us through the story of Savvy (Savannah) and Matteo. These two characters have been best friends since they were six years old and have always been very close. Unsurprisingly, they both have feelings for each other, but they’re both afraid to cross that line from friends to lovers, especially Savvy.

One night, when they are both a bit upset, they decide to get married. Matteo has been WAITING, and I do mean WAITING, to marry this girl and once he gets the chance, he doesn’t think twice. However, Savvy then wakes up and decides to run. But man, Mateo was having none of that!

Merciless Devil Pdf Download

I really enjoyed and loved Matteo and Savvy’s relationship, and I loved that there was literally no other woman for him. Savvy really struggled with a lot of internal thoughts, but Matteo always made sure SHE KNEW he was always there.

Obviously the story from the first book continues in this book and you get to see some different perspectives on the other characters. I seriously can’t wait for the next book!

I loved the story of Mateo and Savvy. They have been “one” for her since childhood, which is wonderful. The problem was that Savvy was always too afraid of losing Mateo to be with him. After a night out in Las Vegas (hey, what goes there stays there, right) they get married. It turns out that Mateo, who is strong as a grown man and who he believes, has been carrying around a marriage license for some time. Savvy finally accepts the program.

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What I really loved about this book is how we see how this story connects to the family members in other Mrs. Kent series. I have read many of his books and have enjoyed them all. I look forward to the stories of the twins.

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