Download Mine For Yours [PDF] By Harloe Rae

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Mine For Yours book pdf download for free or read online, also Mine For Yours pdf was written by Harloe Rae.

BookMine For Yours
AuthorHarloe Rae
Size519 KB

Mine For Yours Book PDF download for free

Mine For Yours Book PDF download for free

USA Today and Amazon best-selling author Harloe Rae delivers an unforgettable romance full of heart, emotion, and steam. She meets Rhodes Walsh, a brooding single father/bar owner, as she collides with Rylee Creed, a grieving single mother determined to fulfill her lost dreams, on her journey to a happy ending.

She didn’t expect to see Rylee Creed after her brother’s funeral.
That’s the first reason my jaw drops when she gets on the Bent Pedal a month later.
Losing my girlfriend hit me hard, but it’s nothing compared to the fall she suffered.

Pain and misery still shadow her every move.
But she is not alone.
A boy my daughter’s age clings to her side.
Her shared pain is too mature, she salts my open wounds.

I guess we’re close to making a deal and going our separate ways.
But this bar was Trevor’s pride and joy.
She wants to fulfill his last wish.
How can I get in her way?

Easy. I do not

Our paths collide after this point.
The journey forward is messy and complicated, much like ours.
There could be an exchange after all.
Rylee just has to willingly accept the bet.
Then I’ll trade her broken heart for my own.

Mine For Yours Book Pdf Download

I swear, if this wily storyteller’s words get more poetic, I’ll start calling her Harloe Dickinson. She paints a picture that you not only see in vivid color, but she engulfs you, consuming you and drawing you into the story as much more than a casual observer. She then infuses it with so much heart and emotion that you live and breathe the story alongside characters that feel like part of your soul.

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Rylee Creed and Rhodes Walsh get together under the worst possible circumstances. She lost her brother, he lost her best friend, and they both got Trevor’s brilliant achievement: his bar, the Bent Pedal. Moving forward under the weight of pain while drowning in anguish seems impossible, especially when Rylee and Rhodes disagree on almost nothing. But sorrow after sorrow and day after day, they realize that the best way to honor Trevor is to continue what he started and fulfill the dreams he had. together

Pain has immutable power. It can pull people apart and destroy lives, or it can bring people together and build something new. And when she gets a little help from two second-rate matchmakers in the form of Peyton Walsh and Gage Creed, Rylee and Rhodes don’t stand a chance. Her daughter and her son seem to have it all figured out, and are not shy about sharing their wishes and plans. In a story filled with pain and mourning, these two shining beacons are the perfect counterbalance and comic relief.

Oh my heart, I knew a romance with Rae would ruin me, but I wasn’t ready for this! Right from the start, boom, straight into the deepest depths of the emotional ocean we went into. It was all he could do to catch his breath and ride out the storm. Then as these two colorful unicorns float by with “Rage Gage” and Peyton, the sky begins to open up and the sun peeks through the storm clouds. The contrast between the oppressive pain and these rays of light is unbelievably brilliant and makes for the most exquisite emotional whiplash that I couldn’t get enough of!

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Deep in its broken heart, this is a story of gentle healing, glorious hope, and promising new beginnings. Powerful and insightful, yet warm and seductive, this unrivaled masterful read is one of my all-time favorites. Get your copy and delete your calendar. I know you will love it as much as I do!

This emotionally charged and deliciously sexy story will steal your heart! You will cry, laugh and fall in love with this couple and their journey.

Rylee and Rhodes started out as enemies, but they needed to find common ground moving forward. She has been hurt before. She is fine being alone. They never expected to meet. Now there is no going back. Rylee was a tough nut to crack, but once Rhodes found those openings, she went full steam ahead. The man can perfectly meet the SWOON!

Incredible chemistry, comic care for two brave children, and healing that led them to be the most beautiful forever. I loved this book so much. Filled with moving moments, the author will tug at your heartstrings.

From start to finish, this story will capture your heart. Loss that tears you apart and leaves you shattered. However, you can’t have the rainbow without the rain. Heartbreakingly, the loss broke them but also brought them together. Love will heal them. A love story YOU DON’T MISS!!!

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