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Mine To Claim book pdf download for free or read online, also Mine To Claim Crossover pdf was written by Mink.

MINK writes sweet and salty romance novels that always satisfy with a happy ending. Her dream job is editor-in-chief at Cat Fancy, and you’ll find her with a kitten on her lap, her Kindle in her hand, and a steaming cup of coffee next to her.

BookMine To Claim
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Mine To Claim Book PDF download for free

Mine To Claim Book PDF download for free

When Orchid moved in next door, I realized that she was running from something or someone. I swore to myself at that moment that she would protect her from everyone, including me. I am not a good man with the reputation of a knight in shining armor. Actually anything but that. For Orchid though, I want her to see the side of me that I hide under my big beard and rough exterior.

When her past calls to me, I kidnap her from my hideout in the mountains. And if the cult that raised her tries to take her from me, I will burn everyone who ever hurt her. Like I said, I’m not a good person. But for Orquídea I will be an avenging angel.

Note from MINK: Cuddle up with a kitty and a frap for this sweet and spicy tale of happy endings.

Mine To Claim Book Pdf Download

I really liked this story, although it deals with a difficult subject. It was entertaining and entertaining with a few exceptions. The characters were mostly interesting and likeable. Roxie was lame, but nothing compared to Orchid and Jeremiah’s father. They definitely deserved compensation and I liked the consequences they faced. I would have liked them to suffer a little more, but I guess I’m vindictive or something.

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Sully and Reeve hinted at an intriguing backstory that I wish I had learned more about. Orchid met Sully when he started working at the restaurant. Sully was Orchid’s neighbor and had decided to take care of her because she felt that she was too good for him. When her past caught up with her, Sully was there to make sure she was safe. I liked that he treated her so protectively and possessively. While some serious things happened, some fun things also happened. Reeve was wonderful and I would love for him to have his own story about him. I loved his happy ending. I recommend reading this book.

Orchid and Sully’s story was absolutely adorable. Orchid escaped a terrible upbringing and moved in right next door to Sully. When the prettiest woman moved in with Sully, he fell head over heels for her. Determined to protect her, Sully focuses on being her friend. He was as cute as he took care of her, it was her favorite pastime. This story was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

This was a fantastic book. I love Orchid and Sully together. These two have been attracted to each other ever since they met, but Sully has tried to keep her distance due to his past and the belief that he is not good enough. These have more in common than you think, but they are also a perfect match. Orchid seems very shy, but she is as strong as she is sweet and perfect for Sully the grumpy bear. I really enjoyed this book and I really hope that Jess and Reeve get their own books too. I would definitely recommend this book and Mink as a must read author.

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