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Fake It For Us book pdf download for free or read online, also Fake It For Us pdf was written by Weston Parker.

Hello. i’m weston

We’ve found eachother? Nope? Well, it’s time to put an end to this tragedy.

I’m an ex-firefighter/ER doctor who literally picked up a pen and started writing love stories about bad guys. I write with my sister, Ali Parker, but I live in Texas with my wife, two young children, my daughter, a dog, and a turtle.

Yes. A turtle. You have read well. Do not be jealous.

You’ll find billionaires, bad guys, military men, and plenty of sex appeal. Something for everyone, hopefully. I am happy to connect with you. Check out the links below and find me.

BookFake It For Us ( A Faux Love Novel Series Book 6 )
AuthorWeston Parker
Size1.7 MB

Fake It For Us Book PDF download for free

Fake It For Us Book PDF download for free

I need a fake date and a babysitter, so let’s kill two birds with one stone?

My billions were fully made in the family business: high-end jewelry.

But with that money comes a reputation to uphold.

The upcoming gala in London has my parents rooting for me.

I need a beautiful curvy woman who pretends to be the only one.

And I know exactly where to go.

Faux always comes up with a pretty girl for a dime.

She is also perfect as a nanny for my little daughter. I’m not sure who falls in love with the woman faster, my daughter or me.

But love never plays fair.

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My family wants me to find someone, but they have rules about who it should be.

The wild, beautiful woman who stole my heart and made me reconsider my refined legacy will not cut it.

And they make sure she knows it.

What we have may have started out false, but what we are is forever.

Fake It For Us Book Pdf Download

Fake it for Us is the sixth installment in Weston Parker’s A Faux Love Novel series. They are all individual and independent stories. It’s a slow-burn single parent forbidden babysitting romance with more thrills than you’d expect.

Journey is a free-spirited Louisianan who vacations in New York with her best friend and gets the most out of it on a shoestring budget. She receives a brochure about the Faux Love escort service and discovers that it is a legitimate business, nothing illegal. Journey tries it out and is surprised at how much money she makes.

August is a British billionaire whose wife left him when his daughter was barely a baby. The woman leaves them both for another continent and another rich man. Years have passed but it still burns. She currently needs a new babysitter and also a date for an upcoming gala event that she needs to attend. When they need him, August is impressed with Journey and he asks if she would be interested in becoming a nanny as well. It doesn’t seem like that makes any sense… but if you read the book, you’ll see that it makes sense.

Journey and August have their own issues and quirks that will sometimes make you laugh and other times make you cringe if only you could read the book. There is a main villain who is so evil that he couldn’t even handle it! The connection between the main characters is natural and dynamic, and I wanted them to arrive as happily ever after as the setting did. I thought the ending was absolutely perfect for her story. I hope the author continues with this great series.

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Weston shares a valuable life lesson…money and prestige don’t always equal love. August Biltmore III is about to inherit the CEO of the family’s jewelry business when his father retires. With the prestigious Ice Cream Gala fast approaching, August not only needs a date, but also a babysitter for his seven-year-old daughter, Elsie. He joins New Orleans Dawn’s free-spirited trip, which visits New York City with Ella’s best friend Dottie on a tight budget. As those laces tighten, fate creeps in in the form of a fake frill…so why not sign up?

Faux goes on a date with her second client as a babysitter and as needed after her successful date…the first client was a clear flop. August and Journey have chemistry and Elsie joined Journey early on. The problem, however, is her parents’ disapproval that Journey is beneath her dignity. As their relationship grows, so does his father’s insistence that Journey must go. When Journey has to return to her home in the United States after an accident, she and August get a taste of the breakup, and it hurts Elsie especially.

What happens when August’s father does the unthinkable when Journey returns and forces her to run again? Is there any chance that these three hearts can be repaired? Desperate times call for desperate measures…but is the answer yes??? Great characters and I loved Grandpa August so much and missed him at the age of 84! Elsie will steal a piece of your heart and she will make you smile. Her point of view, no suspense and rags to riches HEA.

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