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Nine Liars book pdf download for free or read online, also Nine Liars pdf was written by Maureen Johnson.

BookNine Liars
AuthorMaureen Johnson
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Nine Liars Book PDF download for free

Nine Liars Book PDF download for free

Stevie Bell’s senior year at Ellingham Academy isn’t going well. Her friend David is studying in London. His friends are obsessed with college applications. With the cold case of the century solved, Stevie is left stranded helplessly. Nothing distracts her from the questions circling in her head: questions about college, love, and life in general.

Relief comes when David invites Stevie and his friends to study abroad with him, and his new girlfriend, Izzy, confronts him about a double homicide cold case. In 1995, nine friends from Cambridge University went to a country house and drunkenly played hide and seek. Two were found in the woodshed the next day, killed with an axe.

Nine Liars Pdf Download

The case was believed to be a robbery gone wrong, but one of the remaining seven saw something he can’t explain. This wasn’t a robbery. Someone is lying about what happened in the woodshed.

Seven suspects. Two murders. A killer continues to play a deadly game.

Mystery isn’t my favorite genre, but I’m sure if Maureen Johnson wrote all the mystery books, she could be! Nine Liars is the fifth book in the Truly Devious series, and in some ways even better than book 4, The Box in the Woods.

The novel follows Stevie and his friends to Britain, where they are expected to learn about history and continue their studies. When David’s friend Izzy mentions that his aunt was connected to a mysterious murder in the English countryside in the 1990s, Stevie’s interest grows and his friends know it’s only a matter of time before she takes the case.

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In all honesty, the original three books in the Truly Devious series weren’t great reads for me. Don’t get me wrong these were 3 star readings which I think is a good book. However, this series is one that only gets better with time. When I got an ARC for The Box in the Woods I thought I’d give it a try, but I wasn’t really interested in the series. After reading it I was ready to read more in the series. Now after reading the Nine Liars I really need more books in this series! It completely blew my mind!

One thing I love about these novels is that they usually have two alternate stories. We read a bit about the mystery that happened in the past, then we read about Stevie’s life now. This pattern is what makes the books so compelling in my opinion. As a reader, I was initially more involved in the mysterious timeline, but the more I read, the more involved I became with the current timeline as well.

The mystery of Nine Liars novel was also fascinating! The tension built well throughout the book and I literally couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t guess any of the big reveals, but the series of events was also entirely plausible. The cast of characters was dynamic and added a lot to the story. Sometimes I feel like writers write very similar characters when they need more murder suspects, but that wasn’t the case with Nine Liars.

It also evolved the characters we already knew and loved. I love the fact that Stevie is a flawed but relatable character. I honestly don’t think we see enough of that in the novels, especially the YA novels. In some ways we expect the characters to be perfect or stereotypically morally gray, but in many ways Stevie is just an average teenager who makes mistakes like everyone else. Her character development in this novel drew my emotions further into the story and as always I appreciate the authenticity of reading about a character with angst.

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Finally, icing on the cake, there is an ace (asexual) character in this book! It’s kind of funny because at the beginning of this book I was reading about this character and I was like, “Wow, they really look like they could be an ace!” However, it really hadn’t been mentioned in the previous books, so I was really surprised when this character shows up later in the novel as an ace. I don’t want to spoil who he is, but I felt that this identity was consistent with what we know about this character from the previous novels and I was so excited to see this portrayal!

Overall, there is nothing I didn’t like about this novel! Maureen Johnson, I sincerely hope that you are planning to write another book in this series because I need it by yesterday.

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