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Distraction book pdf download for free or read online, also Distraction pdf was written by Kelly Fox.

AuthorKelly Fox
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Distraction Book PDF download for free

Distraction Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Kelly Fox comes an extraordinarily wacky mob romance.

Look, nobody ever accused me of being sane, you know? So when I say I’m crazy about this RICO broker, you know I mean business.

Sure I’m responsible for getting you fired from the job you’ve wanted your whole life, but your grandfather just died and left you $13.1 billion. Dude you deserve a break, that’s all I’m saying. And yes, I’m a violent gangster with a savior complex, but that shouldn’t get in the way of our epic love story.

A bit of shooting in the bedroom is also good for the soul.

Distraction Pdf Download

Distraction is a mob romance starring a frustrated billionaire and reluctant agent RICO’s Bar, a deliciously deranged mob enforcer with questionable boundaries and a simple takedown that ends a bit… explosively.

This book is my favorite of the entire series and one of my favorite books Kelly Fox has ever written. The construction of Hopper and Liam’s story was constant in each of the previous three books, adding more and more to the Hopper mythos with each chapter, and I wondered if there would be anything left to discover when he finally took center stage.

I’m here to tell you there is. Much more.

We finally learn what made Hopper the charming character he is, and we see Liam allowing himself to fall in love. I could list a list of adjectives to describe the story, but I’ll stick with these: cute, heartwarming, funny, sexy, and exciting.

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It’s really not independent. You could try reading it without reading the entire series, but you’d be missing out. If you’ve also read the Wrecked: Guardians books, all the better, as there are satisfying cameo appearances from our favorite characters from this series.

Of all the Mobsters and also Billionaires series, this book gave me the biggest hangover. In fact, probably only Full Contact, Navarro, and Sworn Enemy could compete in this area, and Kelly joins them as my favorites.

For a serial killer, Hopper can be so sweet and gentle, incredibly shy, prone to adorable blushing, and vulnerable due to his childhood experiences. It’s also a sometimes bouncy bundle of energy that’s still trying to grapple with the concept of boundaries and is brilliantly artistic.
Liam is a RICO agent grieving the loss of his beloved grandfather and trying to come to terms with being the object of Hopper’s fixation.

Circumstances bring them together and Liam’s initial reaction isn’t what Hopper expected. It takes a bit of time and communication, but eventually they get together and things get very hot and kinky. A warning that these are gunfights.

The found family of monsters and billionaires is here for Hopper and Liam as they set sail for a well-deserved HEA. Two favorite characters from a previous series also make an appearance to help as some of the action unfolds.

Kelly Fox uses the words “Killer Blackout” to describe this book and it’s incredibly apt. It’s a very entertaining and concluding read that captivated me from the start.

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