Download Northern Stars [PDF] By Brittainy Cherry

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Northern Stars book pdf download for free or read online, also Northern Stars pdf was written by Brittainy Cherry.

BookNorthern Stars
AuthorBrittainy Cherry
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Northern Stars Book PDF download for free

Northern Stars Book PDF download for free

The biggest star in Hollywood was mine first.

Breaking up with your normal high school sweetheart was one thing.
Break up with favorite Hollywood actors? That was a different situation.

I’ve been in love with Aiden Walters since she was a little girl. We grew up as neighbors in a small town in Wisconsin. He knew him inside and out and he knew every part of me. I was there when his career took off and I was pretty sure he would always be a part of his life.

It wasn’t until a scandal broke that I was forced to end things with Aiden. He didn’t take it well. The boy I once loved started to hate me. He went to California to put all of his past behind him, including me.

Five years later, he was back in town for the next few months running a family business. He stayed in the only hotel in our small town. The hotel I now oversee. For the next several months I would be forced to tend to the man whose heart had broken her so many years ago. The man who annoyed me. The man who swore he would never speak to me again.

Now that he was back in town, in constant contact with me, I had to remind myself every day why I ended things with him in the first place. Otherwise I would fall in love with him again. Only this time I was sure that if he fell on me, he wouldn’t catch me.

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Northern Stars Book Pdf Download

Reasons not to read this book: 1) it will break your heart and then give you wings to fly among the stars 2) you will be devastated when you see it end 3) you will feel desperate and hopeless in these characters fall in love and they will always be a part of you 4) Her soulful heart, sweet simplicity, and exquisitely beautiful love of life will leave no part of your soul untouched.

Hailee Jones and Aiden Walter were the next door neighbors also whose mothers were good friends. During the first part of their lives they got along like oil and water, which is why their families called them Tom and Jerry. Somewhere between the anger, arguments, and bickering, a true friendship was born.

They were opposites in every way, but they had a lot in common, including not being very popular at school. That is, until Aiden’s acting career really took off and the kids who used to pick on him now wanted a slice of his young fame. But Hailee and Aiden swore that, no matter what happens, they will always be the best of friends.

Life intervened and Aiden and Hailee parted ways. Both heartbroken, the spotlight continued on him, and she left to find her new normal and learn to love herself without the one person who loved her unconditionally. Of course, years later, Aiden returns to town, but meeting him is filled with anger, hurt, and sadness.

Oh my heart, you two are probably my absolute favorite couple! Aiden is so lost and helpless when he loses his anchor, but he is the cutest, most helpless, kindhearted boy, even if he is a mass of conflicting emotions. This guy gets thrown around so many times, but when he really needs her, Hailee is right there beside him, hanging on.

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Hailee must deal with an abominable deal that will have me hunting down every troll in the universe and erasing her voice while loving and admiring this amazingly beautiful girl even more. Her message of loving ourselves as we are and finding our own happiness is vital, inspiring and liberating.

Cherry’s writing is poetic, deep, moving, and powerful, and I know that every time I embark on one of her romances, a part of me will change forever. She leaves bits of her heart and soul scattered throughout the pages, making me feel more like an active participant than a casual observer of the story. Wise and enchanted by magic, this moving and emotional story is definitely one of my top 5 reads this year. Worthy of all the stars in the sky, run to 1-Click and start reading this phenomenal story now. Your romantic heart will be eternally grateful to you.

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