Download Playing Hard To Get [PDF] By Monica Murphy

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Playing Hard To Get book pdf download for free or read online, also Playing Hard To Get pdf was written by Monica Murphy.

BookPlaying Hard To Get
AuthorMonica Murphy
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Playing Hard To Get Book PDF download for free

Playing Hard To Get Book PDF download for free

From New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy comes an exciting new sports romance…

Knox Maguire is really the king of our college campus.

Football team’s star offensive tight end.

He’s the complete opposite of me in every way.

I am silent. He is loud.

I’m shy. It definitely isn’t.

They all love it. Nobody knows me

Playing Hard To Get Pdf Download

Fresh from a breakup I don’t really trust him and why should I? Knox is the better player. As I become her English teacher, I tell myself that we must keep things strictly as business between us. Seeing how my mom related to my ex-athlete dad a long, long time ago taught me to stay away from that type of man.

Knox, however, is irresistible. Next thing I know we’re getting hot and heavy in the library, and that was never part of the plan. When Knox admits he can’t stop thinking about me, it dawns on me.

I can’t stop thinking about him either.

Instead of keeping my distance, I pull him closer. Until we kind of spend all our time together and I fall in love with Knox. Difficult.

Will this really work between us? Or are you playing with me?

I’m so happy to be back in a world of sports romance written by Monica! Don’t get me wrong, I love his recent books Lancaster Prep and Wedding Bliss, but a sports romance set in Callahan’s world is so heartwarming!

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I loved Playing Hard To Get story – it’s about Knox Maguire, Owen and Chelsea’s son. Owen and Chelsea’s books are called Four Years Later & Five Weeks Before You and are part of the One Week Girlfriend series. Knox is a cousin to the Callahan kids and I’m so lucky he has his own book.

Knox is quite an easy-going, easy-going guy who felt uncomfortable at the start of his senior year. An injury early in his college football career looms, as does a class Knox has feared throughout his college career: English. Knox struggles with reading and writing and realizes early on that she will need help with her classes. There he meets Joanna, who has just separated. Her longtime boyfriend has cheated on her and for the first time Joanna is ready to explore singleness and maybe she can enjoy single life with a certain handsome and charming football player.

Playing Hard To Get is a classic tutoring trope mixed with an obsessed guy and a little bit of friends for lovers. Knox was absolutely smitten with Joanna from the start, and it was adorable to see this cinnamon roll (with a slightly dirty side) fall in love. I loved Joanna and her no-nonsense attitude – she kept Knox on his toes. Refusing to be an afterthought in Knox’s life, she really did learn something about herself.

Both Joanna and Knox are reluctant to dig deeper and worry about the future should their relationship become more serious. It was delightful to see them discovering each other – all their talks and banter really built their relationship.

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I also enjoyed the group of friends Knox and Joanna had. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this world!

Knox is not what I expected. I mean, yes, he’s taken advantage of what’s coming his way as an athlete, but he’s also more mature for his age because he’s no longer looking for emptiness. He may even just have to keep an eye on his studies and football this semester because he now has the one class on his schedule he was dreading. But when he meets Joanna, he can’t help but be intrigued. And he can’t help but hope his guardian is the “Jo Jo” he’s trying to figure out the real name of…

Joanna doesn’t want to catch anyone. Popular, unpopular, hardworking, sports star. None of those. She’s burned and isn’t ready to put herself through any more pain. But Knox interests him, as much as he tries not to notice. And behind the gamer facade they think he has, he’s oddly honest and charming. But should they be?

Playing Hard To Get story brings a growing love that’s free of drama and heartbreak, but BIG in communication. And we also get a glimpse of what’s brewing for a few folks near Knox. Thanks to his parents’ stable relationship goals and their love, Knox is willing and able to admit when he falls in love. And lays everything out for Joanna to digest. Even better? She does the same. So yes, these are younger people. But, you know what? Sometimes you just know when you’ve met your one, and trust me… Knox and Joanna definitely did!

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