Download Pocus [PDF] By K.L. Savage

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Pocus book pdf download for free or read online, also Pocus pdf was written by K.L. Savage.

AuthorK.L. Savage
Size330 KB

Pocus Book PDF download for free

Pocus Book PDF download for free

The dark is all I know. But maybe it will bring me to the light… or cast me into a darkness deeper than I have ever known.

My past is a black stain that I can never fully escape, no matter how hard I try. The secret I keep, the anger I harbor, is best left asleep, but an old rival I don’t know could be my undoing.

He wants to take away our homes and destroy our lives. Take my sister, the only person I would do anything for.

Pocus Book Pdf Download

Then there is Abigail. She is sent to take us down. she will destroy us

But does she really she don’t understand what she’s doing to us? Can she be trusted if she doesn’t remember the things she has done? Will she believe me if I tell her that curses are real?

And why can’t I get the magic eyes off her head when she’s her enemy?

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