Download Cowboy Looking At Me [PDF] By Jessie Gussman

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Cowboy Looking At Me book pdf download for free or read online, also Cowboy Looking At Me pdf was written by Jessie Gussman.

BookCowboy Looking At Me
AuthorJessie Gussman
Size686 KB

Cowboy Looking At Me Book PDF download for free

Cowboy Looking At Me Book PDF download for free

Brawley Powers made a mistake he’s regretted for nearly 11 years. But she didn’t realize she had a daughter that night, until a stranger came to town and put the pieces together.

Brawley sees the truth but is unsure if her daughter’s mother knows who the father is and whether or not she lets him into her life.

He starts an anonymous letter campaign to soften his heart just to pave the way for his little girl, but falls in love with the funny and sweet woman behind the emails she sends him.

Will they be able to overcome the mistakes of their past and build a beautiful future together?

Cowboy Looking At Me Book Pdf Download

Another fantastic book by Jessie Gussman. I can’t get enough of this series it’s so good. The matchmakers are at it again. But this time the stakes are higher than usual. When the matchmakers tell Brawley about a girl in town who has the same unusual eye color and the timing is right, he realizes it’s probably his daughter.

What he always thought on a night that happened years ago has to regrettably prove to be a blessing in disguise. He just has to convince the boy’s mother, Daphne, to give him a chance and see how things go. As always, Jessie Gussman brings her characters to life and writes a compelling and faith-filled book. I loved this book and highly recommend it.

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I really liked the new Jessie release. Every book he writes seems to get better. This is about a young couple who made a mistake in the past that resulted in having a child. Bradley and Daphne find out who the father is until a stranger comes to town. You have to read the book to find out how this can happen. With a little help from the Piece Makers, will they be able to find each other again?

I loved the story of Brawley and Daphne restarting the Piece Makers. Each story in this series was unique in the way the piece makers brought the couple together. This time, they receive unusual information about who the father of Daphne’s daughter Powell might be. What happens is that Daphne doesn’t know who the father of her child is, and the father has no idea that he has a ten-year-old daughter.

When the Piece Makers ask Brawley Powers to meet with them to deliver a quilt, little does he know his whole world is about to change. He’s asked a question that takes him back almost eleven years to when he made a horrible mistake after drinking too much at a party. Was it really possible that the girl whose face he had never seen was actually Daphne? Brawley regretted what had happened, but he had never forgotten the girl, and now that he discovered he might have been the father of Daphne’s daughter, he decided he had to find out the truth. If Powell was her daughter, she wanted to make things right for mother and daughter.

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Daphne Lessing was blamed for what happened after she went to a party to stop crying over her father’s death. It was a masquerade party, so he never knew who he was with that night. Her son Powell, born of what happened, is her joy. But Daphne’s life had changed after that night. He had to face the looks of the townspeople and rarely went on a date. He was never able to go to college and pursue his dreams. When Brawley begins to show interest in her, she is shocked and wary of wanting someone who only wants her.

I loved how Brawley made an effort to get to know Daphne before revealing that he was her daughter’s father. His sister Sadie suggested he write her anonymous letters, and Miss Charlene of Piece Makers sets him up with Daphne to help another elderly couple rekindle their marriage. The two had to pretend to be in a relationship by giving them a chance to discuss what they were looking for in a relationship. Would they get a second chance together after the unfortunate situation they experienced years ago?

This inspirational story is also full of wonderful advice on what keeps a marriage going as Brawley and Daphne tried to help their neighbors bring joy back into their marriage.

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