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Praise book pdf download for free or read online, also Praise pdf was written by Sara Cate.

Sara Cate is one of USA Today’s bestselling authors of passionate romance and sexy book buddies. Despite writing a wide range of tropes, Sara is best known for their age difference and taboo romances. One thing to expect from your entire collection is lots of steam and lots of fear.

Sara lives in Arizona with her husband and children and spends most of her time reading, writing or baking.

Sara Cate writes contemporary romance about bikers, bad boys, hunks and wimps all rolled into one.
She has a soft spot for the redemption stories and the forbidden romance.

BookPraise (Salacious Plyer’s Club)
AuthorSara Cate
Size1.1 MB

Praise Book PDF download for free

Praise Book PDF download for free

He calls me perfect.

Your impeccable pet.

your good girl

Shattered and hurt by my emotionally neglectful ex, I wanted someone to tell me I was good enough.

That’s how I stumbled across a new job with a boss who literally brings me to my knees. It makes me do things that a real secretary would never do.

Emerson Grant tells me I’m more than good enough.

I am worthy of your praise.

There’s a million reasons why I should stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Club is not only my new boss, he’s twice my age.

And my ex-boyfriend’s father.

With him I am a darling. I am worshiped, I am yours.

I’m a good girl but I’m falling in love with the wrong man.

Emerson Grant knows what he wants—

And he loves me.

How far will I go to get your approval?

Praise Book Pdf Download

This is my first Sara Cate book and by far one of my best reads of the year. I fell madly in love with Emerson and Charlie. I’m so glad it’s part of a series because I can’t get enough of this world.

One Thursday night, Emerson was with his work friends and came up with a business idea. A place that brings together people with similar tastes and allows them to explore their sexuality without judging. The next day the Salacious Players’ Club was born.

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Charlie broke up with her boyfriend, Beau, and needed her part of the security deposit on the apartment back. He told her to pick it up from her father. When he appeared, Emerson told her to kneel down, thinking she was one of her submissives. Charlie was desperate for money, so she signed. She quickly found out who she was. Hoping to reconnect with her son, she offered him a job as a secretary at the club.

Emerson is the ultimate alpha, protective, Strong and very caring. He was fascinated by Charlie from day one, beautiful, brave and outspoken. She didn’t mind the stigma attached to sexual fantasies and even began to explore them with him. Not wanting to ruin her relationship with Beau, he kept his distance from her, but with each passing day he grew more attracted to her. Charlie also fell hard and fast for Emerson. For the first time in a long time, she felt special, happy, and valued.

I really admire these two, their chemistry, their dynamic, their love. The age difference and the ex-boyfriend’s father elements created the right amount of prohibition and fear. I totally enjoyed how the couple navigated the dom/sub relationship. The story is fantastic, the characters are incredible, and the writing flows very well. Praise has the perfect blend of humor, swoon, spice, and love. I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t already!

I went into this book because I knew what it was about and that it was spicy, but I really wasn’t expecting wholesomeness at all! First of all, this book is not for all peoples. The beauty of books like this is that the author is very transparent about the tropes and it’s 100% your choice to read them or not.

The author’s dedication framed the entire book and it was a challenging but satisfying read!
Throughout the story, the author did not shy away from talking about the unusual appearance of the main couple, constantly bringing up the reluctance of the characters to accept their desires and feelings. This made the characters’ decision to explore their connection feel completely intentional on both sides and avoided some of the major annoyances this particular trope can sometimes have.
The main couple was a great mix of strict and sweet and their story was so much fun to read!

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The kind and affectionate moments between them were the highlights of the entire book, which I honestly didn’t expect when I first read the blurb! The characters really cared for each other and it made the Spice Moments that much better to read.

The importance of family was another thing I didn’t expect in this book, but I think it was well done and fits the story perfectly! Both main characters were willing to do anything for their families, so the nature of their relationship tested that loyalty. I think it was a huge conflict that they had to overcome together and I loved reading about the complexity of it all!

The club stage was also a nice surprise in this book! It’s always amazing to find books that shed a positive light on expressing one’s desires, and this book has done that and more; It was informative and a great introduction to the roles the main characters play in their specific relationship. I can only assume that the entire series is similar and that just makes you want to read them all!

HOLY HELL IT’S HOT!! Phew, someone call the fire department because I need to be hosed down! My B.O.B. I got quite a workout reading this super sexy and extremely erotic story!

Charlotte and Emerson have the perfect dominance/sub relationship that starts out a little crazy and gets kinkier as the story progresses. It had everything you could want in a deliciously sexy story: voyeurism, exhibitionism, all kinds of kinks, suspense, prohibitions, age difference, passion and love. It was also an emotional roller coaster that had me holding my breath and hoping for a happy ending. I held my Kindle tightly the entire time, biting my nails in anticipation, and fell head over heels for these two amazing characters who constantly had my panties soaking wet the entire time.

Charlotte and Emerson have this intense connection that made my toes twitch, and the sexual tension between them only increases as the story progresses. You can feel the excitement, all the fear and all the steam coming off the pages. These two set me on fire! And I absolutely loved the every deliciously kinky seconds of it.

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Prepare to tighten your legs as you read this. You might need some new panties just in case, or give them all up because this story is sure to set them off.

FORKS!! Daddy Emmerson! Who doesn’t love and age the romance with the father of his ex, who also secretly owns a sex club with his friends? Sign me up!

The praise and dad twist in this story are very good. If you like being called a good girl, you should grab it here. In fact, I could have used more good girl praise when I read this, but Sara had to make it believable for her to understand.

This is the first part of the Salacious Players Club series where we meet with Charlie who is pretty broke and broke and gets tangled up with her ex-boyfriend’s father in a hilarious turn of the events. We find her in the first chapters playing the role of subordinate to her dom nature to recover the rent deposit that Emmerson had given to her son, without Charlie and Emmerson knowing that they are not who they are to stay . . . From there, the spice, warmth, and connection are off the charts.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the supporting characters in story, but I think Sarah did a great job of the weaving the story of Charlie’s sister, Sophie, who is going through a journey of personal and sexual identity that I think is very appropriate for her.

Time is what we live in. We need to see characters like Sophie written in stories, and people who identify with Sophie need to be able to see themselves in the characters in print. I was very proud that Sara included Sophie’s story and it made me even more involved in this book.

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