Download Scythe’s Grasp [PDF] By E.C. Land

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Scythe’s Grasp Book pdf download for free or read online, also Scythe’s Grasp pdf was written by E.C. Land.

BookScythe’s Grasp
AuthorE.C. Land
Size1.1 MB

Scythe’s Grasp Book PDF download for free

Scythe's Grasp Book PDF download for free
Scythe’s Grasp Book PDF download for free

Nothing is worth grasping unless it’s something you’d die for.


There’s not much I care for in this life. My club. My brothers. My blood. All the rest of it blurs together.

Scythe’s Grasp Pdf Download

 The only feeling I get is when I’m doing things, I’m not proud of. I’m stained and that’s the way it’ll stay. Nothing can change the past or present.
Not even her.
She’s been around and I’ve seen her staring, but I refuse to go there. She’s pure and innocent. She doesn’t deserve what I have to give.
With the war we’re dealing draws her in, I’ll do what it takes to protect her and keep her out of the enemy’s grasp.
She’s mine whether I want her to be or not.

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