Download Beautiful Broken Vengeance [PDF] By Fiona Murphy

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Beautiful Broken Vengeance book pdf download for free or read online, also Beautiful Broken Vengeance pdf was written by Fiona Murphy.

BookBeautiful Broken Vengeance
AuthorFiona Murphy
Size530 KB

Beautiful Broken Vengeance Book PDF download for free

Beautiful Broken Vengeance Book PDF download for free

Phoenix Raymond is an enigma. Although her father sold her as a child to a sick man, at twenty-four she is a true virgin. She’s kind of an FBI agent who’s never set foot in Quantico. And she, above all, she wants to destroy my family, but she is my wife.

She wants us to pay for the fur trade we trade with. It doesn’t matter that we got out of there a long time ago. Their fault is personal. The woman is persistent, a problem that refuses to go away. Two weeks ago I asked my brother to let me finish it as a problem. He refused my request and told me to find another way. A week ago he told me to find a wife. When she shows up mangled and bleeding at my door, I solve her and my problem.

Beautiful Broken Vengeance Pdf Download

Once she’s healed, she believes that she can go, that she has to go. She thinks that because hers… her needs are different, that I won’t love her, that I won’t be the dad she longs for, that I’ll leave her like everyone else. What she really doesn’t understand is that she is really mine. She is mine to keep, to protect, to be whatever she needs to be. I will never let her go.

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This is the second book in the standalone Bratva Bound series. You really don’t have to read the first one to enjoy this one. Please note the content warning in the Look Inside feature that links to my website or the Beautiful Broken Vengeance website page.

Beautiful Broken Vengeance by Fiona Murphy is the second book in the Bratva Bound series. This is the story of Phoenix Raymond and Aleksander Levin. I read the previous book (loved it!), which added to my enjoyment of this one. Phoenix is a 24-year-old hacker who is an FBI agent who thinks the Levin family is the enemy.

Aleksander has been trying to get his brother to take over the FBI agent who is causing them trouble. When he sees Phoenix, he solves both Phoenix’s problem and his own. I always enjoy Ms. Murphy’s writing immensely. I loved this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

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