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Sea Castle book pdf download for free or read online, also Sea Castle pdf was written by Andrew Mayne.

BookSea Castle
AuthorAndrew Mayne

Sea Castle Book PDF download for free

Sea Castle Book PDF download for free

Sea Castle story begins when Sloan is called to the beach where a body has been discovered. It appears that the person was killed with a rope around his neck. Sloan sees something in the water and wades in and retrieves a bag, which is found to contain clothing that is believed to have belonged to the dead woman. The coroner claims the body was in the water for about 24 hours. Sloan thinks the woman wasn’t in the ocean that long. Sloan works to prove his theory.

He later teams up with Gwen, a Miami detective who was banned for her attitude. Gwen and Sloan begin investigating the beach victim’s death. Gwen convinces Sloan that the drowning was related to something Gwen was working on. Gwen even tries to convince Sloan that a certain person who is missing will be dead in three days. Gwen and Sloan convince their bosses to take a picture of this woman. Things break out when the victim shows up at the police station where she lives.

Sea Castle Pdf Download

Sloan and Gwen are able to take her back to Miami where information about the person responsible for the multiple murders will be obtained. When they learn of a vehicle that may be involved, they meet a stranger who tells them that she has been kidnapped. They eventually gather enough information to definitively identify a suspect.

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To find out what information was obtained from the person who was brought back to Miami, who was the new person that Gwen and Sloan found and who eventually provided them with a possible suspect, and what Sloan ultimately did to help this latest victim protect you must read this book. The end will make everything clear.

I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew Mayne’s Underwater Research Unit series and Sea Castle is the best yet. Through police diver Sloan McPherson, Mayne was instrumental in changing my rather old-fashioned view of mothers in dangerous jobs, and as the scales fell from my eyes, my enjoyment of these compelling stories increased, especially as Sloan began to trend moderate jumping. in danger without thinking with a bit of common sense. It has been a pleasure to watch Sloan grow as he gains experience. She has a real talent for searching for clues and putting them together, and when you find yourself in a life-and-death situation, she’s the kind of person you want to have by your side.

After the Underwater Research Unit is disbanded and its members work in other departments, Sloan finds himself working for a boss who hates her. When she contradicts the others that the young woman found on the beach died accidentally, her search for help leads her to one of the most interesting characters I’ve read in a long time. Gwen Wylder is a gifted homicide detective whose talent and unstoppable determination have made her an outcast.

No one wants to work with her, and spreading rumors about her sanity and work ethic seems to be a favorite pastime for her co-workers. After years of working in this toxic environment, it’s no surprise that Gwen is extremely paranoid, bitter, and manipulative. Sloan herself has raised more than a few eyebrows (and doubts) in her short career, and she’s used to being viewed as the weirdo. Teaming her up with Gwen Wylder on the hunt for a serial killer really shows how much she’s matured in her job.

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When someone says that, “A lot of this is Gwentuition and also Sloanology,” I had to laugh. These two have their own way of doing things and it was a joy to watch them learn to work together, especially Sloan because for the first time she’s controlling someone else instead of someone doing that to her.

Sea Castle fast-paced story had me guessing, and the identity of the serial killer really shocked me, something that doesn’t happen very often. Although everything is tied to the end of the book, it ends on a cliffhanger that makes me wish the next book in the series was out now. Continue!


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