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Things We Hide From The Light book pdf download for free or read online, also Things We Hide From The Light pdf was written by Lucy Score.

BookThings We Hide From The Light
AuthorLucy Score
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Things We Hide From The Light Book PDF download for free

Things We Hide From The Light Book PDF download for free

Nash has completely lost himself and his purpose ever since he was shot on the job. He goes through the motions of daily life from him to try to hide his anguish, but deep down he is numb and lost. Then Lina walks in. Lina makes him feel a whole range of emotions from lust, anger, protective instincts and motivation. Their journey from friends to lovers is an engaging and fun journey because they actually become enemies for a short while before becoming lovers!

Like the first book in this series, Things We Hide From The Light book had significant themes and rich character development. The two main characters have emotional baggage, but as the book progresses they learn to forgive, to be vulnerable, and to be okay if they fear things but still take risks. Nash and Lina bring out the best in each other in every way, with Lina bringing Nash back to his feisty selves and Nash gently pushing Lina out of her comfort zone.

Things We Hide From The Light Pdf Download

I love how Lina is so mean$$! The farthest thing from a damsel in distress, he doesn’t wait for a hero to come rescue her from her when she’s in danger. The level of protection these two characters have for each other was entertainingly cute! Especially if Lina wants a part of Nash’s shooter, which we hopefully get answers towards the end of the book!

I’m a bit picky when it comes to bookmates, but Nash has rightfully earned a spot on my bookmate list! He can be quite the gentleman, making sure to be respectful and have approval to touch someone even when he is in a tense situation. On the other hand, he could also be wonderfully uninhibited! He can be very selfless when it comes to the people he loves. Even if he hates the idea or is afraid of it, if he makes them happy, he’ll move on. A perfect example would be Waylay asking him and Knox to paint their nails and put on makeup for a trend on social media.

I fell even more in love with this city and this group of friends and family! If I ever had the chance to choose a fictional place to live, it would be Knockemout! The way these characters support each other was truly touching and heartwarming! Even if one of them isn’t a big fan of the other, if someone is in danger or threatened, they are all ready to protect and defend themselves.

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Can’t. Wait. for the things we left behind! No, really, I don’t know how to do it. I am super excited and will be counting down the days, minutes and seconds until launch!

Lucy Score never ceases to amaze me with her witty romance. Your stories always give me those butterflies that make me feel good, a heart full of hope and love. She perfectly blends her gentle humor with so much genuine, heartfelt emotion to create reading experiences that are so magical. The small town charm, the jokes, the gripping plots, the chemistry of the characters! They all blend together so deliciously on Things We Hide from the Light, the world’s second Knockemout. And what a beautiful sequel it is just adorable. Another triumphantly endearing performance from the impeccable Lucy Score!

I LOVED TWNGO, so I was so excited to dive into this story, this time the story of a small-town police chief, Nash Morgan, and his effervescent neighbor (and his brother’s ex), Lina. It had all that little town, opposites attract, surly dynamic sunlight. Nash is delightfully stubborn on the surface, but his grumpiness is just a way to hide his troubles.

He is brooding, recovering and a little lost at times. While Lina is daring and bright, she is fun and feisty, but she is also withdrawn. Her secrets are buried very deep, buried under her own light. And that’s what makes them such a dynamic couple to read about: two seemingly polar opposites burying their own pain and fighting in extremes of personality.

The chemistry is classic Lucy: a great balance of suspense and banter with a lot of heart. She burns SLOWER (a little slower than I prefer to be honest) but it’s worth the wait. Her slzzle burns into a spicy yet oh-so-sweet compound. I loved how they both bring new life and purpose to each other and help each other process their baggage.

Lucy brings humor and fun with poignant emotion, and I love all the supporting characters in this world, and the glimpses of future stories. And that epilogue was swooning perfection: It was all in my feelings. Another deliciously sweet, funny and feel-good story from Lucy Score – a fantastical escape from the real world!

It was really great to be back in the Knockemout series – Things We Hide From The Light sequel did NOT disappoint! I think I liked it more than the first one and it was a very tough competition. There was something immensely compelling about this wounded and vulnerable hero; He’s a really good guy who’s in a dark place, and it’s only when a wild and fiery woman comes into his life that he comes back to the light. I also loved the look of the neighbors and how cohesive this community is.

It could certainly be read alone if it really wanted to, but the community is an integral part of the story and the element of suspense ties the books together. Romance is at the center of it all, though, and these two were on fire together — it’s a hot, slow burn, with sizzling chemistry and tons of sexual tension. These opposites attract strongly and it was a lot of fun to watch them fall together.

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Things We Hide From The Light story is about Nash, a police officer who was recently shot and killed on the job. Nash has always been a rule follower, a relationship guy, and a kind and loving man, but the experience has changed him and he finds himself drawn into the dark. So when the woman his brother briefly dated (and later became friends with) twenty years ago moved in next door, it was a shock to the system.

Lina is only in town temporarily and is sure to run away at the first sign of a relationship, but Nash finds himself drawn to her. The woman is a Spitfire, and that’s what Nash needs right now. Being around her triggers something in Nash, and he can’t seem to get enough of that feeling. While they could stop arguing, neither of them is capable of a relationship right now, and there is nothing but obstacles in their way.

Things We Hide From The Light starts off a bit darker and more somber than Things We Never Got Over, with an undercurrent of grief driving Nash’s every action. He’s not in a good place when the book begins and I liked the extra depth that was added to the story. Spending time with Lina enlightens both Nash and the book, even though it’s emotionally charged throughout. The transformation of both characters from start to finish was truly impressive and one of the things that makes this love story so compelling.

They are two people who shouldn’t (and probably wouldn’t have been) together at any other time in their lives, but find a connection in the experiences that brought them here. Nash is a great lead: he’s clearly a nice guy, but his depression is eating away at the personality he once had. I loved the focus on sanity in him and wanted as much of that element as he could get. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded less tension and more focus on Nash’s struggles, but I knew there were elements of romantic tension to it.

It shows you how much I enjoyed developing relationships, which is why I would get impatient every time the focus was something different, have a laugh. I loved being back in Knockemout and that made me very excited for the next love story in the series. It was excellent.

Score has a way of bringing a fictional world to life in vivid color, and it doesn’t get any more vivid than Knockemout, VA. For a small town, this place is packed with excitement, with colorful characters that make you want to keep reading just to see what happens to them.

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Police Chief Nash Morgan hasn’t been the same since he was shot dead on the job. While he’s still recovering from his wound, he’s serious about protecting the city from him, but it’s all he can do to show up and prevail. Him until he meets his new neighbor. Being alone in his orbit calms him down and makes him feel alive.

Lina Solavita is in town temporarily until she can run an errand for the insurance company she works for, and her investigation has led her to Knockemout. It helps that her good friend and the guy she dated for a minute in college, Knox Morgan, lives there, as she gives him a cover to be in town without having to show his hand.

There’s a lot to love about this one, but there were a few things that didn’t impress me. Although it wasn’t until after halfway through that things got rough, once they started it seemed like Lina and Nash were constantly doing so much that it felt unnecessary and not really advancing the story. (That will be a plus for some of you. ?) I was disappointed that Lina was the solution to Nash’s problems instead of him figuring things out on his own, and some of the power struggles between men and women were tedious.

Then there’s the allusion to inclusion, and I’d be glad if the handful of contemporary romance novel writers who have changed their writing in this way realize that by including controversial issues that aren’t crucial to a story, they are creating a complete Exclude. . group of readers who have a different point of view.

There were enough things that still made this an enjoyable read for me. I love the quirks, charm, and uniqueness of small town Knockemout, and geriatric neighbor Mrs. Tweedy is pure comic book gold. She’s fucking brilliant and she stole almost every scene she was in. The rest of the characters are larger than life, authentic and relatable, with the evil Lina being my favorite.

The thrill of the drama and suspense had me on the edge of my seat and it wasn’t even a consideration to put the book down at the time. I speak epic and Lina really shines here. And the epilogue? It’s the sweetest, most touching and fun icing on this phenomenal romantic ice cream. And trust me, you’ll want to get your hands on the bonus epilogue!

Overall, Things We Hide From The Light is a fun and entertaining read, filled with laughable humor and tons of poignant, relatable emotions. You will love the town of Knockemout and fall head over heels in love with the people there. Filled with heart, warmth, and humor, this book will provide hours of fun on your reading escapade.

Must Read – Things We Hide From The Light [Epub] By Lucy Score

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