Download Secret Baby Next Door [PDF] By K.C. Crowne

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Secret Baby Next Door book pdf download for free or read online, also Secret Baby Next Door pdf was written by K.C. Crowne.

BookSecret Baby Next Door
AuthorK.C. Crowne
Size482 KB

Secret Baby Next Door Book PDF download for free

Secret Baby Next Door Book PDF download for free

We met on a bumpy flight.
But that was nothing compared to our night together.
No regrets Except one. I did not get your contact information.
Now Piper is my new neighbor, and her cute little girl has my eyes.

As a surgeon, I overcome all obstacles.
But I’m falling in love with a woman I barely know, again.
Her smile, her lips, also the way her luscious curves make my mouth water.
But it hurts like hell to keep our daughter a secret.

To make matters worse, Piper came running into my house wearing nothing but a towel.
She is soaking wet and I need a cold shower right away.

Piper and I can be family.
But proving it will be DIFFICULT.
Because doing what I’m about to do with my baby mama…
It’s downright unpleasant.

Secret Baby Next Door Book Pdf Download

Valentino is stoic and calm. He is a top-tier orthopedic surgeon who works with professional athletes who fly him across the country. He hates flying and when his flight is delayed because a passenger is late, he gets upset. Until finally the beautiful missing passenger shows up and her seat is next to his in first class.

Piper had a rocky start to her day and she felt horrible for causing the delay, but her cheerful disposition and friendly manner quickly helped her fellow passengers forgive her. Val was immediately attracted to Piper and the two spent the entire flight flirting. When they landed, they arranged to have dinner together that night, which quickly turned into a night at the hotel.

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Piper left while Val was still asleep, leaving a note saying that she couldn’t be contacted. 5 years later, she moves to Denver and is shocked when her neighbor turns out to be Valentino. The two definitely have things to work out, plus an additional twist you don’t see coming. This is a stand-alone book but part of a series.

I enjoyed this book. The chemistry between Piper and Valentino was undeniable and they created a lot of sparks. The story itself was quite funny and just offered a touch of tenderness.

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