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Secretly Yours book pdf download for free or read online, also Secretly Yours pdf was written by Tessa Bailey.

BookSecretly Yours
AuthorTessa Bailey
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Secretly Yours Book PDF download for free

Secretly Yours Book PDF download for free

Hallie Welch fell in love with Julian Vos at fourteen after they almost kissed in the dark vineyards of her family’s winery. Now the lost beauty has returned to Napa Valley, and when Hallie is assigned the task of redesigning the gardens on Vos’ property, she wonders if she’ll finally get that hickey. But the grumpy teacher isn’t the teenager she remembers, and her opposing personalities collide spectacularly.

One wine-soaked girls’ night later, she Hallie can’t shake the feeling that she’s done something reckless, and then she remembers the drunken secret admirer letter she left Julian. Oh shit.

Secretly Yours Pdf Download

Taking a break from his Ivy League job, Julian plans to write a novel. But having Hallie right outside her window in the garden is the ultimate distraction. She’s eccentric, chronically retarded, often literally covered in dirt, and so stunningly beautiful that he can’t focus on anything else. She until she finds an anonymous letter from a woman from her past.

Despite Julian wondering about this suitor, he finds himself drawn into Hallie’s orbit. Like the flowers she plants around town, Hallie is a splash of color in Julian’s greyscale life. For a man who irons his socks and has a tight schedule, her sunny, chaotic energy makes no sense. But there’s something so familiar about her…and the mere presence of her turns her world upside down.

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Secretly Yours was a good book. For me She has been a hit or miss as a reader, and her hits are her older books to me, while her newer ones are really misses. But I would put this book in the bestseller category. Secretly Yours is the story of Hallie and Julian. Hallie is a gardener/landscaper specializing in unconventional, unstructured designs who lives in her small Napa Valley wine town.

Julian’s family owns a winery where he grew up, but he now lives a few hours away and works as a teacher. She returned to town on a break from work, she stayed at her mother’s boarding house and wrote a novel. Hallie had a crush on Julian when she was a teenager and she has spent years wondering what could have happened between them. For her part, Julián doesn’t recognize her at first, but she soon wonders how she could have forgotten someone who loved him so much.

When Hallie is hired to create the gardens on his property, she begins to write him secret fan letters, in a completely harmless and fearless way, not expecting him to care for her, but wanting him to realize how well she thinks . he is. While working in the gardens, Julian and Hallie soon develop a personal bond and fall in love.

Secretly Yours was a good book with a sweet story. I liked Hallie and Julian. Both characters are quirky and unusual. Julian is very structured and can’t deviate from his strict daily routine. He is reserved and has no close friends or relationships. Hallie is funny, absent-minded, and adorable. They are very opposites that attract. Neither of them can believe that the other might be interested in them.

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Secretly Yours book had many heartwarming, heartwarming, romantic moments, and the couple were so cute together. Their relationship was a slow one, a second chance with some super racy moments. These two revered and adored each other. They had great chemistry and connection, they were both each other’s first loves and Hallie is a Virgo. I really enjoyed the small town Napa Valley atmosphere and Hallie’s descriptions of gardening. I would have liked an epilogue and a glimpse into the future of these two.

Overall Secretly Yours was a good book. Hallie and Julian’s relationship was sweet and romantic. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this series and from Miss Bailey in the future.

I’ve read two Tessa Bailey books and loved them so when I saw this one I had to order it. This is what I thought:

  • Secretly Yours is a story that attracts opposites and has many sparks. Julian is a stuffy, stuffy teacher who lives by a schedule. And Hallie is everything he’s not: she’s messy, she loves being down to earth, she’s got three dogs, she’s a tornado. When these two get together, he is full of attraction.
  • Speaking of attraction, the steam is hot on this one. I especially love it when a grumpy man who sticks to order and schedules is thrown out of the way. They both lose control of each other, which is fun, there’s some dirty talk and that’s what I would expect in a romance by this author.
  • I really love the supporting case, like Lavinia who is Hallie’s best friend. It’s fun and still authentic! I also found Julian’s sister to be an interesting character and it looks like the next book in the series will be about her.
  • This story is short, sweet and hot, which is everything I want in my romance novels.
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~ I love that it was a quick read under 300 pages, but I also love when this author can really immerse herself in the characters and setting like she did with the Bellinger Sisters series. So if it had been a bit longer, with more detail on the setting and spending more time building up the characters, it would have been five stars.

~ The second chance romance part of the story had to do with the two of them in high school, but he barely remembers them. And he wasn’t sure about secret love letters, it was cute, but he didn’t see any point in it.

Tropics – Opposites Attract, Grumpy x Sunshine, Small Town Vibe, Second Chance Romance

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