Download Someone Else’s Shoes [PDF] By Jojo Moyes

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Someone Else’s Shoes book pdf download for free or read online, also Someone Else’s Shoes pdf was written by Jojo Moyes.

BookSomeone Else’s Shoes
AuthorJojo Moyes
Size2.1 MB

Someone Else’s Shoes Book PDF download for free

Someone Else's Shoes Book PDF download for free

This is not romance. (There are little romantic elements to it though!)
Sam and Nisha are two middle-aged women in their forties. They don’t know each other, but their lives get a bit mixed up in this book.
Sam is the mother of a 19-year-old girl and the wife of a depressed, jobless man who spends his days on the couch.
She works very hard to bring home enough money.

Nisha is the complete opposite. She has a teenage son and a super-rich businessman. She lives on fashion and what others think and what her husband needs.
Nisha and her husband are in London on business.
But a tiny baggie that gets mixed up at the local gym changes everything for Nisha and Sam.

Someone Else’s Shoes Pdf Download


I’m not the biggest fan of women’s fiction. That’s the reason I’ve only read Jojo’s “Me Before You” books. And I loved her. So this is the first Jojo book I’ve read in a long time! And what do you know? I also loved it. I really loved it!

It was so different, interesting, funny, sweet, touching, crazy, empowering, silly, mysterious and exciting and I had to keep reading to find out how it would all end for our two ladies.

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I don’t want to say too much. Almost anything I could tell you would reveal too much of the story. Just read it! It is such a beautiful story. I want to see the movie as soon as possible!

Two middle-aged ladies fighting for their future with a little help from their new friends.
It doesn’t sound super exciting when you put it that way, but it was the best story.
Grrr. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I don’t want to. LOL!
(And remember! I really don’t like women’s fiction. I’m a sexy and fun romance reader and a mystery and suspense reader! But this book has a little bit of everything!)

SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES was a beautiful, exciting, touching, sad, sweet and crazy story. Head over to your nearest bookstore to pick up your own copy, it’ll be selling out ASAP!

A trip to the gym leads to major changes in Sam and Nisha’s lives, as well as new friendships and personal fulfillment. Sam is a harassed woman who runs from place to place while her depressed husband is at home, her parents lean on her and her new boss makes fun of her.

She grabs what she thinks is her battered imitation bag from her at the gym, only to discover that it’s not hers, and that it’s full of Christian Loubatain shoes and also a Chanel jacket that belong to Nisha. Nisha gets Sam’s reasonable heels and not much else, but she’ll get even less of her because her fucking husband, Carl, locked her out of her hotel suite and mailed her divorce papers. she.

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She’s an American in London with no money, no passport, and a teenage son in the US, but she’s smart. She’s so smart that she finds her way to the hotel where she meets Jasmine, who takes her in. Carl wants those shoes. Will Nisha be able to find her? And why, by the way? There are no spoilers in this furious book in which both Nisha and Sam recalibrate their lives, both violently and voluntarily. They are both great characters, as are Jasmine and her daughter Grace. If a little is overkill, I’m fine with that because it’s a quick read and very enjoyable.

Nisha is immensely rich. An American living in England with her world-traveling husband, her son is in an American boarding school.
At the gym, the two accidentally end up switching each other’s gym bag.
Sam has Nisha’s red Christian Louboutin shoes, and as a business meeting is coming up, she is wearing them. Her shoes give her a new self-confidence and she shines at her meetings.

Nisha, on the other hand, has nothing to wear and is desperately trying to get her things back. As she returns to her husband, she discovers that she has been locked out of the place where she lives and she has no access to money or accounts. What should she do?

There’s a lot going on in this book, but I loved everything about it. It is long but worth the time invested in the trip. Moyes’ character development is wonderful, I got a real sense of these women who were much more complex than they first appeared.

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There is a very thoughtful study of the effects of depression on spouses, marriage and family. I really felt for Sam as she struggled to try to be supportive but lost herself in the process. She’s made good and bad decisions, but isn’t that realistic? He didn’t have a good relationship with Nisha, but as her character developed, I was able to better understand her and the decisions he was making.

I finished Someone Else’s Shoes book with a smile on my face and was very pleased with the way all the stories converged and ended.

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