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Shame book pdf download for free or read online, also Shame pdf was written by Skyler Mason.

AuthorSkyler Mason
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Shame Book PDF download for free

Shame Book PDF download for free

A very nice read.
Guilty I didn’t read the first Purity book, but after reading this book, I think maybe I need to go back and read this one too.
I really followed the story with no problem even I hadn’t read Purity.

Vanessa and Carter are opposites.
Vanessa grew up in a strict family where she was taught to be ashamed of her sex and her body. Can you imagine how Vanessa must have felt when she was a young woman still trying to find herself, so she posts her thoughts and feelings through her TikTok channel?

Shame Pdf Download

Carter is completely different, he is a prostitute and he has no problem with sex and with having the woman he wants, her family is religious but he rebels against her.
What begins as a bet and an act of revenge soon turns into a crush as Vanessa seeks to lose her virginity and Carter is more than happy to open the cherry fueled by the bet.
This is a truly fascinating story where both Vanessa and Carter deal with trauma and family issues, they just deal with it in different ways.

Skyler Mason wrote a story that shows how her upbringing and the influence of her parents can affect her life.
Shame is a fantastic read and Sklyer Mason’s writing got me turning these pages, gave me an insight into purity culture…and Vanessa and Carter are such a perfect couple, they never expected to feel for each other the way in which they did it.

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