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Sin book pdf download for free or read online, also Sin pdf was written by Jolie Vines.

JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist living in the South West of England with her husband and son.

Living in a fantasy world from a young age, Jolie is never happier than she is when she’s plotting. Jolie loves that her heroes are one-woman men. Whether you’re a portly hillbilly, a hungry earl, or a brooding pilot, you’ll adore your loved one until the end of time.

Her favorite pastime is destroying emotions and then balancing them, giving her characters deep and meaningful happiness until the end of their days.

AuthorJolie Vines
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Sin Book PDF download for free

Sin Book PDF download for free

Sin (Dark Island Scots, No. 2) continues the story that began in Ruin (Dark Island Scots, No. 1). This is the romance of Sinclair and Lottie, so expect luscious and seductive scenes, an oversized heroine and her much bigger hero, and an insidious secret that threatens our tribe of found family.

Sin Book Pdf Download

Wow! This series is on its way to becoming outstanding!

“Every hair on my body stood up. Every inch of skin came to life and burned to the touch.”

Sinclair Stone, also known as Sin, is on the run with his family after escaping from captivity on a remote island. The only person missing from his crew is Violet Hunter aka Lottie, the girl he has been fantasizing about for over a year; the girl who refuses to go with him. He is bitter but focused on keeping his family alive and safe.

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Lottie was eager to go with her friends, but she refused to leave her pregnant mother behind, despite the abuse she suffers at home. However, when she is forced to make an impossible decision, she finds her way back to Sin and the others. Deep desire battles suspicion as Sin and Lottie fight for equality as danger draws near.

“If I do that, you’re mine. There’s no turning back. No running away. No betrayal. I won’t give up on you.

This story is told primarily from Sin and Lottie’s point of view, but also features the voices of a few other characters, giving us a comprehensive look at what’s going on with our fleeting family. This story was HOT AF! Sin is a huge, huge, possessive alpha, while Lottie completely strangles her virginal inhibitions. I loved how she longed for her and how her desire for her helped get rid of her image issues. Aside from his combustible chemistry, I was totally hooked on this story.

He was absolutely hooked and totally invested in the outcome. I loved the dynamic that developed in the group. Everyone had to play their part, but Sin was undoubtedly the head of the family. Secrets are revealed and many mysteries are introduced. This story was raw, dark and intriguing. Honestly this series is so amazing and engaging so far and I can’t wait for the next book!

The first book in the new Dark Island Scots series, Ruin, was a bit of a departure from previous books by this author, but it had me hooked from the first page. This series has my favorite elements. Each romance is self-contained, but there is an overall plot that runs from book to book. After reading Ruin I was desperate for the story of Sin and Lottie.

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Sin was a big, menacing guy and Lottie was the shy local girl. We knew from the end of Ruin that Sin had a thing for Lottie and that Lottie had a thing for Sin (hello, hot kiss in the kitchen!), but we didn’t expect how their relationship would turn out.

I loved Sin as a character. In the first book, he seems to be the dictator of the family, but as we get to know him in this book, you can really see how much he really cares about keeping his family safe and together. I really loved how even before Sin and Lottie got together, the rest of the team welcomed Lottie right into the family. We already know that the writing of Mrs. Vine’s close family is really beautiful (The McRaes), but this family was less conventional but no less loyal and dedicated to each other.

Sin and Lottie were hot to the breaking point! I enjoy the “I don’t like you but I can’t keep my hands off you” element and Sin was definitely in conflict with Lottie. We also saw an interesting kinky side to Sin that he wasn’t expecting. He was delicious.

The larger story arc has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next part. It keeps twisting and turning in directions I wasn’t expecting and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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