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Sleep No More book pdf download for free or read online, also Sleep No More pdf was written by Jayne Ann Krentz.

BookSleep No More
AuthorJayne Ann Krentz
Size2.6 MB

Sleep No More Book PDF download for free

Sleep No More Book PDF download for free

7 months ago, Pallas Llewellyn, Talia March and Amelia Rivers really were strangers until their fateful stay at the Lucent Springs Hotel. An earthquake and fire partially destroyed the hotel, but the women have no recollection of their time there.

The three women, who are now close friends, co-host a podcast called Lost Night Files, in which they investigate cases of the common cold and hope to connect with others who may have had a similar experience to theirs, an experience they already have. . Existing psychic abilities were somehow enhanced in each woman.

After receiving a podcast lead from her, Pallas travels to the small college town of Carnelian, California to explore an abandoned asylum. Struck by the dark energy she senses in the building, she runs outside when a shadowy figure stops her, who turns out to be the women’s mysterious informant.

Sleep No More Pdf Download

Ambrose Drake is sure he witnessed a murder, but without a body, everyone thinks he has delusions brought on by extreme lack of sleep. But Ambrose is sure that something terrible happened at the Carnelian Sleep Institute the night he was there. Unable to find any evidence himself, he enlists Pallas’ help, only for her to realize that Ambrose is also having a missing night that she can’t remember, one that may be related to Pallas.

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Pallas and Ambrose are conducting their investigations under the guise of the podcast, and while the townspeople are eager to share their knowledge, it turns out that there are others who are not so happy with their questions, and someone is ready to kill, to keep the truth. to come. outside.

Sleep No More by Jayne Ann Krentz is the first book in her new Lost Night Files series. We know our heroine, Pallas Llewellyn, from the very beginning. Many months ago, Pallas was staying at the Lucent Springs Hotel when an earthquake and fire literally destroyed the hotel. Pallas and two other women came out with no recollection of having been there; as well as anyone with enhanced paranormal abilities. Pallas teams up with two other ladies, Talia March and Amelia Rivers, to start a podcast called The Lost Night Files. Investigate strange unexpected events or unsolved cases.

During a podcast, someone tips off and Pallas decides to travel to Carnelian, California, to investigate the abandoned asylum. As she enters the building, dark energy shakes her and she is met by a stranger who turns out to be the person with the tip of her.

Ambrose Drake, our hero, also had a bad experience at a Carnelian Sleep Clinic and swears someone was killed after hearing a scream during sleep treatment. Nobody believes him and says that he was a nightmare. Ambrose tells Pallas that he can’t remember that night at the clinic, but he still haunts him; and he wants her to help him find out what really happened.

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At first, Pallas doesn’t believe Ambrose until she senses her psychic energy and she realizes that he, too, lost a night she can’t remember. They join forces to learn more about what happened at the asylum; Interview people and learn more that you could involve others. Was there a connection between the two incidents and who was behind it?

What follows is an exciting and captivating story that made me unable to put the book down. Slowly, Pallas and Ambrose not only begin to feel the psychic energies between them, but a romance slowly begins to build. The more information they get, the more dangerous they become, as they become targets for anyone who tries to stop them.

Sleep No More was very well written by Jayne Ann Krentz, with wonderful characters, full of non-stop action, in a fantastic paranormal mystery. Telling much more would be spoilers, and I don’t want to spoil the story for you. I look forward to the next two books in this trilogy in which both Talia and Amelia have their own stories. I really suggest you read Sleep No More book as it was a great read.

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