Download STEP-BOSS [PDF] By Dani Wyatt

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STEP-BOSS Book pdf download for free or read online, also STEP-BOSS pdf was written by Dani Wyatt.

AuthorDani Wyatt
Size708 KB

STEP-BOSS Book PDF download for free

STEP-BOSS Book PDF download for free
STEP-BOSS Book PDF download for free

I suck at my job, but I love my grumpy boss.

Cade Jamison is CEO of the most powerful talent agency in the country. He’s the poster child for bad-boy-billionaires everywhere with his inked arms and ice-blue eyes that make me stumble and stutter whenever he’s close.

I still live under his roof, and it’s wrong to want him the way I do. To him, I’m just the chubby, awkward obligation that came with a marriage to my mother. Now that I’m nineteen, the commitment he made years ago is ending but if I can land an A-list client, maybe he’ll keep me around.

STEP-BOSS Pdf Download

When my plan goes sideways, he turns downright feral and commits several felonies to protect what’s his. The lines of our former relationship blur as the vortex of forbidden forces burns between us.

Social media videos of the incident explode, so Cade whisks us away to the small town where he grew up. Once there, he demands all of me, including my secrets. But, if I confess what I’ve done, he’ll never forgive me. And, the worst part is…I’m not the only one who knows what I’m hiding. But, it turns out, he’s hiding something too.

Author’s Note: This step-Daddy story will have you melting in the small-town summer sunshine when this obsessed hero takes control. It’s safe, no cheating, with all the over-the-top liquid love you’ve come to expect!

Wanting What’s Wrong Series: Step right up if you want to get down with some “No, no, we can’t, it’s so wrong.” action! epub

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