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Drake book pdf download for free or read online, also Drake pdf was written by Sawyer Bennett.

AuthorSawyer Bennett
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Drake Book PDF download for free

Drake Book PDF download for free

After I made the decision to divorce, my ex-wife launched a smear campaign against me, telling anyone who would listen that I bet and threw hockey games. It was not surprising that my ex would tell lies, but the fact that the media, the league and the fans gave credence to her unsubstantiated claims of hers was inexcusable. I walked away from it all and have never regretted it.

Having settled into life as a single father of three children, I am content. I have more money than I could possibly need and plenty of time to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want. So when Pittsburgh Titans team owner Brienne Norcross shows up at my house with a job offer, I have no problem turning it down. But the sober billionaire, with his sinfully seductive red lips and killer heels that would look hot as hell thrown over my shoulders, doesn’t take no for an answer.

Drake Pdf Download

Now I have to find a balance between hockey, my boys, and the explosive chemistry that Brienne and I can no longer deny. A retired hockey player and the only team owner in the league? I can think of a million reasons why it could never work, but I can’t bring myself to worry about just one of them. keep playing.

I’ve been waiting for Drake’s book from the moment he appeared in the Baden story to the moment he left, so when I found out that Brienne would be the one to take on this man and his heart (and vice versa), I was totally there and he enjoyed every moment of his intense journey to his HEA.

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I adored Brienne and Drake. They find themselves in situations where the spotlight is focused on them due to circumstances beyond their control, Brienne with the devastating loss of nearly the entire Titan team and her beloved brother, she handles it all with grace and determination, but at the same time. grain. where she is close to exhaustion. Drake has a chip on his shoulder that no one can blame and he doesn’t trust the powers that be in the league even as he returns to the game he loves.

With Brienne representing just about everything Drake mistrusts, her journey into his HEA should be a difficult one, but they are strong, stubborn and direct, and they soon discover that the probability of arousing feelings is high. I really enjoyed how they stayed on their toes, noticing that they not only liked who the other person was, but that they respected each other and how they ended up finding that they were compatible.

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