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Submitting To The Demon book pdf download for free or read online, also Submitting To The Demon pdf was written by Celeste King.

BookSubmitting To The Demon
AuthorCeleste King
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Submitting To The Demon Book PDF download for free

Submitting To The Demon Book PDF download for free

In my world, love is a luxury.

It is terrible to live in the horror world of Protheka.
But after it was stolen from me, I thought my life was over.
Demons love to kill and torture.
I thought so.
But Kha’zeth shows me that is not the case.
He has a firm hand and a tender heart.

And he can calm me down and make me burn at the same time.

But when his carefully kept secrets are exposed, he runs away from his house.
I can’t bear the anguish again. I have chosen the wrong men to hurt myself in the past.
This time he could kill me.

Only Kha’zeth will not give up on me.

He won’t give another demon a chance to take me.
He won’t let me go.
Because he will never allow anything or anyone to hurt his wife.
And more important.

Hurt his unborn child.

Author’s Note: This is a full-length fantasy monster romance starring a human woman and a demon warrior. It has a HEA!

Submitting To The Demon Book Pdf Download

The author creates a wonderful world in Protheka. It’s very easy to see every scene and a visit to a romantic Middle-earth. I cannot beat the quality of training worldwide. It’s excellent!
The bond between Natalie and Kha’zeth develops at a comfortable, leisurely pace. Nothing seems forced in this story. It’s natural and sweet.

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He wasn’t sure what to expect from the nature of the relationship between the two leads mentioned in the title. I was pleasantly surprised that it ended the way it did. I love how Natalie trusts her demon. One of the most touching aspects of Kha’zeth is that he is an experienced father. A much appreciated piece of history. Nieces were also well written. Typical kids!

I would recommend this author and this series to any romance reader. It piqued my interest and was an easy read in a few hours. Good thing!

Natalie is one of the people captured by the demons during the raid. She had had a Zagfer lover who was then killed. She blames Laura for it because Laura made the deal with the demon king Asmodeus. Kha’zeth is the demon that kidnapped Natalie.

His estate in Ti’lith is beautiful, and his triple nieces, Tanulia, Valindra, and Elincia, have been wreaking havoc in his absence. His sister Drannatha died. Kha’zeth scares Natalie, but it’s a misunderstanding. ‘Zeth is one of the most powerful Soz’garoth demons on the planet. That is why King Asmodeus chose him as one of the demons to mate with a human since there are twins and triplets in his family.

The triplets are outrageously cute and funny. They’re also extremely loud.” There are some really good squeee moments. Others chew their nails and laugh. Girls cause trouble by saying things they didn’t know they shouldn’t. Hi Boy

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next one.

Kha’zeth (H), a demon warrior, was instructed by his king to take a human to breed and increase the demon population. Natalie (h) is terrified of demons after her dark elf lover was killed and imprisoned in harsh conditions. Kha’zeth is so charming that he constantly tries to understand Natalie and treat her kindly, but his fears cause him to misunderstand many of his actions. It’s my favorite demon book by Protheka (so far), showing an advancement in the way some of the demons see and treat people.

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Natalie was abducted with a group of other human women by demons descending on Protheka. They need human females to breed with to increase their dying population.

Natalie is afraid of Kha’zeth, the warrior demon who made her his mate. A few misunderstandings prompt Natalie to attempt an escape, and Kha’zeth must prove she can be trusted.

This was a good paranormal romance with a great world build. The supporting characters were also interesting, especially the twins. Entertaining series and interesting plot idea.

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