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Sweet Strings Book pdf download for free or read online, also Sweet Strings pdf was written by Aly Beck.

BookSweet Strings
AuthorAly Beck
Size4.75 MB

Sweet Strings Book PDF download for free

Sweet Strings Book PDF download for free

Long before the world bowed down to the band Whispered Words. They shattered me to pieces when they walked away.

Now, after five years apart, they’re back to fix what they broke.

If I let them…

Before our fall—Callum, Rad, Kieran, and Asher—were mine. My everything. My rock stars. My future.

Until they weren’t.

All it took was one night. One massive lie. One false accusation. And they were gone. Leaving me with a broken heart, a restraining order, and a baby on the way.

After being presented with a new job and an inheritance, I move on with my life and build an empire of my own.

Sweet Strings Pdf Download

But there’s more to my life than meets the eye.

A stranger lurks in the shadows, stalking my every move. Planning nefarious things, I can’t even comprehend.

And then there’s them….

The four boys who broke my heart. They’re back in my life in the most unexpected way.

But I’m not the girl they once knew. I’m their band manager now. Their boss for the next six months.

Can we survive?

One by one, our secrets crumble to ashes. Confessions shatter us, and lies become irreparable truths.

My name is River West, and this is the story of how Whispered Words broke my heart, repaired it, and made me whole.

*Sweet Strings is book 2 of 2 in a duet and will end in a HEA.

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*Sweet Strings is a full-length mature, contemporary, new adult romance. Full of love, spice, rock n’ roll, and reunions. This book is meant for a mature audience and is recommended for 18+

*Sweet Strings is a whychoose novel, meaning the FMC has more than one love interest. FMMMM. And does NOT have to choose at the end.

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