Download Syndicate Of Sins [PDF] By Marie Maravilla

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Syndicate Of Sins book pdf download for free or read online, also Syndicate Of Sins pdf was written by Marie Maravilla.

BookSyndicate Of Sins
AuthorMarie Maravilla
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Syndicate Of Sins Book PDF download for free

Syndicate Of Sins Book PDF download for free

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the reverse harem, the trope poses too many problems for me personally. But if there’s one writer I trust to do well, it’s Marie Wonder; The way she wrote about women and female friendships in the first book in this series spoke to her character, and I appreciated the sexually positive and female empowering authenticity in her writing. When we got down to it, the scar was very different than the typical FMC in a romance.

Why choose she’s not a damsel in distress? She doesn’t need protection, let alone from men, so the power imbalance wasn’t there. she was not prey but another predator, overtaking from above, not from below. the different dynamics between her and each man made sense, they complemented each other as individuals (and between the group of brothers) and as a team; have something in common, not only among themselves, but as a whole: the children and their found family and the girl who has always longed for theirs.

Syndicate Of Sins Pdf Download

I knew it was going to be good when the first page had a fucking caption about a woman. These four characters were madness manifested in man, forging a bond as complex as it was powerful. The plot was an exploration of the characters while offering suspense, action and poignancy.

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The plot was unique for a mafia romance. We had these beautiful but monstrous outcasts from the four mafia families who brought hell to their world.

Scar was the definition of a strong FMC. Raised by her own hands and forged by the horrors and pains of her past, she had created her own silent empire and web of secrets while retaining a softer side and great confidence. She was beautiful and deadly.

Their children, Caleb, Niko and Kenji, were very different in personality, looks and attitudes. The three were obviously upset, tense with the need for revenge. From charged jokes to lustful attraction, they developed a tangled web of interactions that ranged from hate to lust, eventually blossoming into obsession and full blown love.

From the searingly hot spice to the intense storyline, multiple angles, and great writing, this book had it all.

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