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To Have And To Hoax book pdf download for free or read online, also To Have And To Hoax pdf was written by Martha Waters.

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Martha Waters is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She works as a children’s librarian in the North Carolina and spends much of her free time traveling. To Have and to Hoax, her first novel, received three-star reviews; a companion novel, To Love and to Loathe, will be released in April 2021.

BookTo Have And To Hoax
AuthorMartha Waters
Size1.8 MB

To Have And To Hoax Book PDF download for free

To Have And To Hoax Book PDF download for free

In this fresh and hilarious historical rom-com, an estranged couple in Regency, England fake accidents and illnesses to get attention, and maybe just win each other back in the process.

Five years ago, Lady Violet Gray and the Lord James Audley met, and fell in love, then married. Four years ago they had a very big fight to end all fights and have barely spoken to each other since.

Their once passionate love affair has been reduced to cold and distant politeness.

But when Violet receives a letter saying that James has been thrown from his horse and knocked unconscious on his estate, she rushes to her side, only to discover him safe and sound in a tavern, unaware of her worries. her. She is outraged. He is confused. And the distance between them has never been so apparent.

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Wanting to teach her estranged husband a lesson, Violet decides to fake an illness of her own. James quickly resolves it, but decides to play along in an escalating game of manipulation involving actors masquerading as doctors, threats of Swiss sanatoriums, fake lovers, and plenty of the flirtation between a husband and a wife who may not hate each other. . , others happen as much as they thought. Will the two be able to overcome four years of pain, or will they continue to deny the spark between them?

To Have And To Hoax Book Pdf Download

The book is set in 18th century England, when women were supposed to be prudish and decent and most marriages were arranged.
Well, Lady Violet Gray was not like other women. She liked to read, argued and was open. And that was the thing that Lord James Audley loved about her.

They fell in the love at first sight and were married soon after. And their first year of marriage was exciting. But then they had to fight to stop fighting and have barely spoken to each other in the last four years. When Violet receives a letter from James’s best friend who knocked him off a horse and is unconscious, she runs to him. But on the way to the fields, when her carriage has to stop to rest the horses, who does she see but James, alive and well?

Well, that pissed off Violet. How dear James isn’t dying (lol) and how he can’t bring himself to say that he’s actually fine. So Violet decides to teach her a lesson. Let’s see how she likes her when she thinks her wife is seriously ill. And so the game continues as each tries to defeat the other, from feigning illness to having fake lovers. Oh, these two, will they ever find out that they still truly love each other?

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Their plots against each other and their back-and-forth banter kept me smiling throughout the book. He loved Violet and James. They are both so stubborn and she wanted to bash their heads and get them to sit down and talk (especially after finding out what the original fight was about). But every time she put the book down, she couldn’t wait to pick it up to see what other crazy idea they would come up with next.

I also liked the secondary characters. Violet’s friends Diana and Emily. James’ friends Jeremy and Penvale. I would love to see spin-off books centered around them because there are things in this book that stuck with them (and then we’d have more Violet and James too).

Violet and James are at a dead end. Four years ago, the pair fell madly in love when an argument pitted them against each other, forcing them into a battle over who could best ignore whom. When James falls off a horse and Violet runs to her side only to find James alive and well, she decides enough is enough and a prank war ensues. Fake consumption, inopportune visits from the mother and a fake doctor play their part as the two try to outdo each other to make the other suffer. Can these two go back to what they once were, or are they doomed?

What a fun and entertaining historical novel! I loved that the book read more like contemporary romance than historical fiction. Regency historical novels often take me a while to get used to the language and all the different characters and titles. Revolving around a small group of friends, To Have and to Hoax doesn’t try to complicate things by adding irrelevant characters or stories. My ADHD thanks the author for that.

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The chemistry between Violet and James was right. They are both so entrenched on both sides of the argument that they can overlook their pain. And that tension creates an incredible, fiery slow burn. While you can deduce that they will eventually find their way to a happy ending, the secret that separated the two of them is being kept under wraps, adding to the guesswork.

The jokes were absolutely hysterical. I loved how Violet and James kept trying to beat each other without the other knowing that they knew they knew (try to make that clear!). I found myself laughing out loud at the outrageous effort the couple would go to to prove them right.

Have and Cheat is the first book, Love and Hate will be published in April 2021. Make sure to read this book!

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