Download The Alien’s Runaway Omega [PDF] By Sienna Sway

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The Alien’s Runaway Omega book pdf download for free or read online, also The Alien’s Runaway Omega pdf was written by Sienna Sway.

BookThe Alien’s Runaway Omega
AuthorSienna Sway
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The Alien’s Runaway Omega Book PDF download for free

The Alien's Runaway Omega Book PDF download for free


The people come. hundreds of them. They will be here to infiltrate Mukhana with their bases, machinery, strange culture and unreasonable demands. All of that would be fine in exchange for what I want most in this universe; an omega

But despite my request, the human omegas are really being sent away. Only human alphas can stay. My own Alpha Council states that Omegas cannot roam the planet for their own good without a mate. So I have no choice but to take matters into my own hands.

The Alien’s Runaway Omega Pdf Download

When the human ship lands, I’ll take what I earn.


After years of service, countless galactic wars, and an unfortunate injury, my career is on the line. Working at the new Mukhana military base is my last chance to keep my job and even more so to keep the promises I made years ago.

But when they tell me I can’t stay because I’m an Omega, I’m shocked. It can’t possibly be right. I’m not the soft-spoken type of girl and I’m pretty sure that’s what it means to be an Omega. It must be a mistake.

If this big reptilian alien can secure my job and more importantly my salary, then it will be worth associating with him for a while.

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The Alien’s Runaway Omega is a light-hearted M/M sci-fi romance starring a unique alien race, a military man in a bind, a stubborn and desperately lonely alien more than willing to bow to his omega, and a bond unshakable.


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