Download The Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn [PDF] By Brandi Elise Szeker

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The Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn book pdf download for free or read online, also The Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn pdf was written by Brandi Elise Szeker.

BookThe Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn
AuthorBrandi Elise Szeker
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The Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn Book PDF download for free

The Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn Book PDF download for free

Skylenna’s world shifts from Dessin when she learns of a new secret he’s been keeping. Wracked with betrayal, anger, and crippling waves of confusion, Skylenna must put her feelings aside and focus on saving DaiSzek from the Vexamen race. But after tragedy strikes, she embarks on a solo journey to learn the dark and epic secrets of her past. The lost memories of his childhood. The missing pieces of the Dessin’s grand plan.

But what if that dark truth is enough to push her over the edge? What really happens when the sweet, compassionate girl is gone and also all that’s left is a monster born of irreversible trauma?

The Puppeteer And The Poisoned Pawn Pdf Download

Skylenna is no longer the defenseless pawn moving around a board. In fact, it’s time for her to pull the strings and stage the darkest puppet show ever staged at the Emerald Lake Asylum.

Disclaimer: This book contains explicit content and obscure elements and may be found offensive by some readers. Check the trigger warnings before reading. It is not intended for persons under the age of 18. Smartly store your files where underage readers can’t access them.

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This is a dark dystopian society pretending to be a nuisance. Please note that this is a fictional world and in no way reflects the author’s personal beliefs. We’ll see society grow and correct its moral compass as the series progresses.


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