Download The Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping’s China [PDF] By Kevin Rudd

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The Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping’s China book pdf download for free or read online, also The Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping’s China pdf was written by Kevin Rudd.

Kevin Michael Rudd AC born on 21 September year 1957 is an Australian former politician and diplomat who served as Australia’s 26th Prime Minister from December 2007 to June 2010 and again from June 2013 to September 2013 for the Australian Labor Party.

Rudd is of English and Irish descent. His fourth paternal great-grandparents were English and convicts: Thomas Rudd and Mary Cable. Thomas came from London, England in 1801; Mary arrived from Essex in 1804. Thomas Rudd, convicted of stealing a bag of sugar, arrived in New South Wales in 1801 aboard the Earl Cornwallis.

Rudd was born in Nambour, Queensland to Albert and Margaret Rudd, the youngest of four children, and grew up on a dairy farm in nearby Eumundi. At a young age (5-7) he contracted rheumatic fever and spent a lot of time at home recovering. It damaged his heart, particularly the valves, so he’s had two aortic valve replacement surgeries to date, but this wasn’t discovered until about 12 years later. Life on the farm, which required the use of horses and firearms, was where he developed his love for horseback riding and clay target shooting. He attended Eumundi State School.

In 1981 Rudd married Thérèse Rein, whom he had met during his student days at a meeting of the Australian Christian student movement. Both were residents at Burgmann College during their freshman year. Rudd and Rein have three children named, Jessica, Nicholas and Marcus. Jessica is married to Hong Kong Albert Tse and they have a daughter, Josephine Thérèse Tse, and a son, McLean George Tse.

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BookThe Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping’s China
AuthorKevin Rudd

The Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping’s China Book PDF download for free

The Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping's China Book PDF download for free

The relationship between the USA and China, the two world superpowers, is particularly explosive. It is based on a seismic fault line of cultural misunderstanding, historical grudges and ideological incompatibility. No other nation insults and insults so easily. Your military is playing a dangerous chicken game, corporations are stealing intellectual property, intelligence satellites are banding together, and AI techs are conspiring. Each country’s ability to cross a fatal limit is growing by the day.

Kevin Rudd, a former Australian Prime Minister who has studied, lived and worked with China for over forty years, is one of the few people who can offer real insight into the mindset of the leaders whose judgment determines whether a war is fought .

The avoidable war demystifies the actions of both sides, explains them and translates them for the benefit of the other. Geopolitical catastrophe is still avoidable, but only if these two giants find a way to coexist without betraying their core interests through what Rudd calls “managed strategic competition.” If they fail, there is the possibility of a war that could rewrite the future of both countries and the world.

The Avoidable War: The Dangers Of A Catastrophic Conflict Between US And Xi Jinping’s China Book Pdf Download

If you only read one book about contentious US-China relations, this should be it. There are many other books that purport to examine bilateral relations and predict the future, but this is the only one written by someone who is a lifelong student of China, speaks Mandarin and knows most of the key players as he an Australian foreigner was a service officer in Beijing, an Australian government official and was twice prime minister.

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Rudd begins with a powerful story of “The Band Played the Matilda Waltz” marching in an ANZUS Day parade (their Memorial Day) with her father, a World War II veteran still suffering the effects. He then recounts the harrowing casualties in various wars throughout the 20th century… and also of Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace with Honor” speech as a warning of the folly of war and the danger of indulging in a tyranny that produces neither peace nor honor .

Only by understanding each other can the US and China avoid a fate worse than that which caused these bloody conflicts. And unfortunately we don’t understand each other.
Rudd does his homework… to explain why we say one thing and the Chinese listen to the other, by examining the bilateral relationship since our first contact and the many historical issues that we in the US rarely consider, but which part of Chinese thought. process even today. It examines seemingly opposing views of the Washington and Beijing on the key issues, but concludes that despite the radically different worldviews, there is hope that we can avoid the “Trap of Thucydides.”

But to have any hope of that, we need to understand each other much better. Few US lawmakers or politicians know much about China beyond politically useful slogans, and even fewer speak the language. Fewer still know anything of substance about China’s leaders or what motivates their actions. Rudd tells us by organizing much of the book around Xi Jinping’s “Ten Concentric Circles of Interest” and devoting a chapter to each. As a China student for 40 years, I have never seen such a logical and informed presentation of Xi’s (who are China’s) priorities and motivations.

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In the concluding chapters, Rudd examines the US response, the politics of the Twentieth Congress and its vital importance, the dangers of the coming decade, and how strategic competition can be managed to prevent war.

This book should be required reading for every American politician BEFORE they open their mouths on China. This is the facts, not a polemical or conspiracy-tinged speech from a deserted lover like another well-read book on China that purports to expose Beijing’s nefarious plan for world domination. If we want to avoid the worst, we must be prepared. Thanks to Kevin Rudd, at least there’s a chance we could be.

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