Download The Choice [PDF] By A Jade And Ashley Jade

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The Choice book pdf download for free or read online, also The Choice pdf was written by A Jade And Ashley Jade.

BookThe Choice
AuthorA Jade And Ashley Jade
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The Choice Book PDF download for free

The Choice Book PDF download for free

This book gave me many feelings. The Choice is only the second book I have read by A. Jade. The first was The Words, which was one of my favorites of 2022. This is great because The Choice book is one in a spin-off duo about Memphis and Skylar from The Words. Well, with that being said, I don’t need to read The Words before The Choice (since I have yet to read Book 2, The Consequence, I can’t tell if it should be read after The Words).

My first thought in completing this book was that I needed to know when the next one was coming out! I couldn’t really find a definitive answer on this, so I’ll have to look further.

There is a CW at the beginning of the book and I suggest you check it out if you have triggers, this book comes out with them! Jade also gives a short message about some content, I totally understand why she chose to do this, but it wasn’t necessary for someone like me who read it with the hope I had in mind without her message only afterwards get I finished. the book!

The Choice Pdf Download

Jade has that magic in her writing where her characters are flawed. I know I’ve only read two of his books, but in both each character is so complex it feels real. Sure it’s fiction and the drama might be overdone for real life, but I think we all know at least one person in our lives who somehow always seems to cut the short straw and bad things happen all the time. So again not that great. Because their characters are so real, it’s so easy to identify with them, empathize with them, support them, hate them, etc. That’s still absolutely true here.

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This is really the childhood prologue of Memphis, Josh and also Sky. The book begins at thirteen and ends at eighteen. Memphis and Josh are blood brothers (like cutting off hands and making a pact, not blood related) in the foster system and both have traumatic pasts. As they move into their new foster home, they meet their neighbor Skylar, who has the same demons as Josh. From the moment they discover this, the two are inseparable. However, Memphis saw her first and can’t help but wonder how things would have been different had she met her before Josh.

This is the basic movement here. Add wax. Growing up with emotional and also behavioral issues from the childhood trauma. Experienced so much at such a very young age. This book gets intense.

i hate josh If you’ve read The Words, you’ve already met him and you’ll understand me. He just didn’t know it was possible to hate him more than before. It’s hard for me to empathize with him because he’s a little shit. But that’s all I’ll say about it. Read the damn book.

Clean up your schedule and be prepared not to put the book down until you’ve finished reading it. Then be ready to wait for the next book (unless it’s already out by the time you read this one). Prepare to have a lot of emotions rush through you as you read this book, but read it. I love Memphis, sorry Sky, I can’t stand Josh. I love many of the background characters as well as hate many of them. However, this book was fantastic and I can’t wait for The Consequence to finish its story.

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