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Beneath The Willow Tree book pdf download for free or read online, also Beneath The Willow Tree pdf was written by Rachel Hanna.

Rachel Hanna is a bestselling romance novelist who enjoys writing true contemporary romance novels that touch the heart and go straight to the soul. A lifelong writer, she loves creating characters and stories that have an emotional impact on the reader.

A mother of three children and wife of a great man, she enjoys reading, taking her children around town and playing with her dogs when she has a day off. Otherwise, she mostly writes on her laptop or dictates on her iPad and finds new ways to entertain her readers.

Rachel Hanna is a contemporary novelist from North Georgia. Her best-selling author is best known for her contemporary small-town romances and women’s fiction populated by Southern characters. Her emotional stories and her quirky characters have made her a favorite writer in the genre. She has been married for more than two decades and has three adult children. She lives with her husband, two rescue dogs and a snotty cat who spends most of his time outdoors.

She was born and still lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she doesn’t think she’ll be moving anytime soon. Although she loves the south and she places most of her novels in this context, she would like to one day get closer to the sea. She dreams of getting an RV and traveling around the United States. She wrote her first novel, Second Chance, in 2012 and has never looked back since. She now has over twelve novels in various series, as well as individual titles.

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Hanna has always wanted to be a journalist since she was seven years old. In school, she loved English classes and after that she got the best grades in the class. At home, she used to be fascinated by the nightly news and Jessica Savitch in particular. She decided to pursue this when she went to college and then interned at places like CNN. She loved being a journalist, but she soon discovered that she preferred writing fiction to covering news.

She had been a storyteller from a young age. As a child, she constantly wrote poems and stories. When she was in third grade, Mrs. Hamm, her favorite teacher, told her that one day she would be a writer. In fact, Rachel Hanna would become a writer after graduating from college as a journalist. At her time, she had done a story about her third-grade teacher. She wrote it as a kind of thank you note for the role she played in leading her to a writing career.

BookBeneath The Willow Tree ( South Carolina Sunsets Book 8 )
AuthorRachel Hanna
Size651 KB

Beneath The Willow Tree Book PDF download for free

Beneath The Willow Tree Book Pdf Download

This is another delightful visit to the Seagrove community. What brings us there on this journey are two former foster children who lived in Seagrove with their foster mother, Elaine Benson. Currently, Abigail resides in Nashville and Celeste in Texas, but they arrive in Seagrove under very unusual circumstances. Elaine Benson had died, leaving Abigail and Celeste their big, big, beautiful house with a huge willow tree in front of it. The condition is that they live together in the house for three months and do something good in the house.

Abigail is quiet, kind, and loved Elaine and although she was eventually adopted, she wanted Elaine to adopt her. Celeste was the opposite of Abigail and could be described as a wild and angry child who eventually outgrew the foster program and was never adopted. As an adult, she is still angry and very difficult to get along with.

Neither of them really wants to be in the same house and they certainly don’t want to live together for three months. However, because of the possible financial gain, they decide to do it. At the end of the three months, three of Elaine’s friends, including Dixie, who owns the bookstore with Julie, and SuAnn, the bakery owner, will judge them on how good they are.

While Abigail and Celeste try to come up with something good, they can use the house for Janine, a beloved Seagrove resident who owns a yoga studio and is planning her marriage to Dixie’s son, William. She is 40 years old and is getting married for the first time. She really wants it to be a special and memorable day, but she’s struggling with how that looks. Her sister Julie helps her as much as Janine allows her.

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As the story progresses and Abigail and Celeste become more involved in the community, make new friends, and get along better, they still struggle with what good they can do.
This is an enchanting and enchanting story that I hope touches your heart as much as mine.

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