Download The Dark Side [PDF] By Cee Bowerman

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The Dark Side Book pdf download for free or read online, also The Dark Side pdf was written by Cee Bowerman.

BookThe Dark Side
AuthorCee Bowerman
Size975 KB

The Dark Side Book PDF download for free

The Dark Side Book PDF download for free
The Dark Side Book PDF download for free

Holly Hamilton is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to work hard to get it. She loved organizing, so she started a successful career in event planning.

She wanted children, so she adopted her son and then his little sisters. From the outside looking in, it seems like she’s got everything: a loving family, supportive friends, a successful business in a field she enjoys, and children who hold her heart in their hands. 

The Dark Side Pdf Download

But somehow, even surrounded by everything she’s ever dreamed of, she still feels like there’s something missing.

Damien Harris was working on his own life too. He enjoyed the fruits of his hard work in getting a promotion from patrolman to detective and had a promising future in a field that interested him – unsolved cold cases. When his brother and his wife had children, Damien became the doting uncle. However, fate struck a blow that he’s still recovering from. After his brother and sister-in-law’s sudden deaths, Damien went from the fun uncle to parent and is still trying to navigate those changes after moving his new family to Rojo so his niece and nephew could be closer to their mother’s family.

An inside joke led to a simple misunderstanding that put Damien and Holly at odds. Once they are finally able to understand each other, it’s up to Damien to find his way into the carefully-planned life Holly has created for her family.

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Visit Rojo with Cee Bowerman as she explores the people that protect and serve Rojo, Texas, a town we’ve come to know and love in her first generation series – The Texas Knights MC, Texas Kings MC, Conner Brothers Construction, and more. It’s a new world now that the kids we watched grow up are finding their own happiness while surrounded by the family and friends we wish we had by our side.

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