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The Darkest Angel book pdf download for free or read online, also The Darkest Angel pdf was written by Gena Showalter.

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of several “undisputed” series on paranormal, contemporary, and teenage romance. Find out more about Gena, her rescue dog collection and all of her upcoming books at

BookThe Darkest Angel
AuthorGena Showalter
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The Darkest Angel Book PDF download for free

The Darkest Angel Book PDF download for free

The winged warrior Lysander has lived for centuries, and yet he never knew desire until he met Bianka. Bred from her enemy’s bloodline, the beautiful but deadly Harpy is determined to tempt the pristine Lysander. He may try to evade their attempts, but even the iron demon slayer can only last a while…

The Darkest Angel Book Pdf Download

Another wonderful “filler” story by Gena Showalter. As with The Darkest Prison (Book 3.5), this story focuses on minor characters in the realm of the Lords of the Underworld family. Unlike that other novel, these characters actually actively interact with the main characters of the series.

Bianka is a harpy, one of Gwen’s sisters from The Darkest Whisper. Lysander is an angel, one of Elite Seven. In other words, the bosses of the angelic world. When he first sees Bianka, he has a feeling that she will be his downfall, so he decides to destroy her before she can destroy him. Unbeknownst to Bianka, she has never seen the angel. Yet once she does, as he snatches her from the air and carries her home, she feels the same connection Lysander had felt. But Bianka is a descendant of Lucifer himself and Lysander is a soldier of the One True Deity, they are like oil and water…they don’t mix. Or you?

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I love the image of a strong and confident Lysander who morphs into an awkward and insecure suitor when he’s not sure how to handle his body’s reaction to Bianka and the pull she has on his heart. This story is a lot of fun and also gives us some glimpses of what to expect for the Lords of the Underworld. Plus a seat at Gwen’s wedding! A great read if you can find it. I was able to get it through a compilation book called Heart of Darkness.

Although this story (in the Heart of Darkness anthology) does not feature a romance between one of the lords of the underworld and a love affair, it is one of my favorites in the LOTU series. Lysander, an elite warrior angel who quickly becomes obsessed with Bianka Skyhawk, kidnaps her and imprisons her in his home, which is a magical cloud in the sky. Bianca is a wild harpy with a soft side, you really have to look for that soft side, and she makes life hell for her captor.

His arguments and his seduction of Lysander are hilarious and very sexy. The best scene is when he kidnaps Paris, the guardian demon of promiscuity, and forces him to fight Lysander in a puddle of cherry-scented oil. So hot and fun! Regardless, I love their romance, their need for each other, and the feelings they both try to understand. He’s a good angel, she’s Lucifer’s great-granddaughter, that’s not going to work. Right?

As in all LOTU books, we see the gang in Budapest during Gwen and Sabin’s wedding. I love that this series doesn’t just focus on the main couple but includes all the important ones.

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I wish the story was longer just because I love Lysander (although I know what he has to do to Aeron, Wrath’s keeper, in the forthcoming novel The Darkest Passion). While I’m obsessed with these demons and prefer them to the other species in the series, I really like the introduction of angels and harpies and that they all work together and form friendships and alliances. The LOTU universe seems to be growing, and that’s definitely a thumbs up.

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