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The Hating Game book pdf download for free or read online, also The Hating Game pdf was written by Sally Thorne.

Sally Thorne is USA Today’s best-selling author of the office romantic comedy The Hating Game (2016). It is her first novel to have been sold in more than 25 countries and is being made into a major film directed by Peter Hutchings and starring Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell. Filming wrapped in December 2020. It was listed in the Top 20 Romance Novels of 2016 by The Washington Post and was a top ten finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards romance category. The Hating Game has been cited as a book that revitalized the romantic comedy genre.

Sally’s highly anticipated second novel, 99 Percent Mine, was published by William Morrow Books on January 29, 2019 and debuted at #37 on the USA Today bestseller list.

Her beautiful Paint Quarter Horse, Louie, passed away from illness on November 7, 2022 and he will be sorely missed every day.

She is also the USA Today best-selling author of the office romantic comedy THE HATING GAME (2016). It is her first novel to have been sold in more than 25 countries and has been adapted into a major motion picture starring Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell and directed by Peter Hutchings.

THE HATING GAME is a USA Today bestseller, listed in The Washington Post’s 20 Best Romance Novels of 2016, #7 on Oprah Magazine’s Best Romance Novels of All Time (2019), and one of the ten finalists in the Goodreads Choice Awards category. it was romance. It has been cited as a book that revitalized the romantic comedy genre.

Sally’s second novel, 99 PERCENT MINE, was published by the William Morrow Books. It debuted on the USA Today bestseller list and was listed by Goodreads as one of the top 28 books of the first half of 2019.

SECOND FIRST IMPRESSIONS (2021) was nominated for a USA Today Best Seller, a Goodreads Choice Award, and is listed on Amazon’s Best Romance Books of 2021 list.

Sally’s fourth book is a historical romantic comedy titled ANGELIKA FRANKENSTEIN DOES HER MATCH and will be available in Avon stores in the US and Canada in September 2022, with other countries to come.

BookThe Hating Game
AuthorSally Thorne
Size2 MB
CategoryFantasy Romance Novel

The Hating Game Book PDF download for free

Now seeking the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head and Lucy refuses to back down when her latest game could cost her her dream job… But the tension between Lucy and Joshua has also come to a head. Boiling point. and Lucy is also to discover that she might not hate Joshua. And maybe he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.

The Hating Game Book Pdf Download


I finished this book days ago and I still can’t stand the fact that it’s over. I have no regrets or compulsive reading (done in less than 24 hours…in the middle of the work week).

I love love love hate love romance, and this one is so well done and unique. We have forced intimacy, delicious banter, and lots of sexual tension every day. LOTS.

you’ll know I’m not a fan of petite little heroines. Not all fucking heroines have to be redheads. So I wasn’t impressed at first when, lo and behold, Lucy is only 1.50m tall. Pair him with Josh, who stands over six feet tall. Authors tend to write these stereotypical pairings without thinking about the logistics; If you take a moment to think about it, kissing bigger than a foot becomes awkward at best and potentially quite painful.

BUT NOT SALLY THORNE. Sally really thought about it and recognized the difficulties. Lucy has to climb sometimes, Josh has to bend over or pick her up (to put her against a wall!!!!!!), there are a lot of “I think you’re too big for me”… Thank you Sally for not totally ignoring the real world problems.

Lucy was a great character overall. The whole story is told from her point of view and I really felt that it was real. She was hilarious, but also snappy, insecure, and flawed. She knew who she was and she liked her, but sometimes she also struggled with self-doubt. She was completely crazy about being able to get along with everyone except Josh. But I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that, her desire to please others often meant she was taken advantage of. Everyone… except Josh. Oh Josh, you were definitely what Lucy needed.

I would have found Josh annoying too. He’s clearly a smart guy, but he’s also sooooo serious. Unlike Lucy, he doesn’t try to befriend everyone and the reason for the estrangement from him is revealed later. Refreshingly, he was ridiculously handsome, but he hated being objectified. When Lucy noticed her appearance, she made him nervous. I’m not totally used to seeing that, especially from a hero. He could be pretty direct, but Josh showed that he cared when he mattered. I especially loved a part in the middle where he had to take care of Lucy; There were so many wonderful and funny moments, as well as some that showed a deeper side of him.

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Yes, I loved just about everything about this book, but I really loved how we didn’t have to wait until the end for things to sizzle. Sally introduces the physical fun relatively early with some super sexy kisses. The sexual tension is constant as the two stare at each other across their desks, and being an office romance, of course, there are times when the tension is too high and some not-so-original hiding spots are used. That said, it never gets too explicit. And really, his jokes are hot enough as they are.

Full disclosure: there’s a bit of a love triangle to this. Josh doesn’t consider himself a “nice guy”. In fact, he’s a bit bitter about the whole good boy thing. And Lucy is a nice girl, at least on the outside (she’s a bit braver on the inside…hahahahaha). She wants a good boy and tries to be interested in a good boy, but her kindness doesn’t compare to the intensity of her “hate her” for Josh. She even encourages her to try the good guy, even dares her to be with him. That was perhaps the only time I felt a bit uncomfortable with the book.

The writing style and overall voice was very fun and fast-paced. Time was shown to pass without any unnecessary fillers and enough scenes here and there that really add to the story and developing feelings. To be honest, that’s one of my biggest issues with reading: unnecessary padding or lack of time for the feelings to really develop. But no, these two have been working together for a few years and the book spans a few months, so I could 100% remember the eventual love between believe them.

There’s a reason I finished this in 24 hours even though I was working/sleeping/etc. It was so damn good. I’m really worried that it may have ruined other Hate to Love books for me for a while, as I’ve never read such a well done Hate to Love and I’ve read quite a few great books! I admit that while I’m excited to see what Sally writes next, I’m a little nervous that it won’t be as big as The Hating Game!

“Watching you pretend you hate that apIt’s all the best part of my day.”

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Lucy Hutton always dreamed of working in the publishing industry when she discovered that her love for all kinds of things as an avid reader was greater than anything she had ever known, a job at Gamin Publishing was everything she ever imagined, but as her beloved business teetered on the brink of collapse and a merger with another struggling publisher, Bexley Books, became her reality, her career aspirations kept alive, only narrowly, with a series of staff cuts and the loss of her best friend.

Val shattered his world of work. The day she met Joshua Templeman seemed like a possible new beginning, but his cold disdain for her almost immediately sent shockwaves through her cherry-red demeanor, a war began that day, and with each passing day, their mutual dislike grew stronger. made it stronger.

“You broke me so completely that I can’t even handle it when a guy tells me I’m beautiful.”

Written from the first-person perspective, the hate game portrayed Lucy as incredibly smart and extremely funny, every biting thought, every biting response, every moment of despair mixed with joy as Joshua became Josh before her eyes. Every moment in this book served to cement my love for the author’s words, I was instantly hooked, but each new chapter amazed me, the more I read, the more I fell in love, the more genuine Lucy and Joshua felt, the more their personalities. It jumped off the page and straight into my heart.

“I’m about to lose something I never had to start with.”

The Hating Game burns slowly in the best way, Thorne not only building the connection between his hero and his heroine, but the reader’s bond with his verbal foreplay that I’ve experienced. Normally when I enjoy a book it’s just to make me want to devour the words, but here I wanted to finish reading quickly and slow down to savor every moment at the same time.

I loved every second here, I wanted to immerse myself in Thorne’s words, I wanted to escape into the world of Lucy and Joshua, stand in the corner and see them as a creep, I wanted to make friends with them, I wanted to relax with Lucy. a glass of wine after a long day at work, he wanted to know everything that happened in between, every moment, every lost look, every sigh, every secret smile.

The Hate Game has quickly become one of my favorite books of all time, not only on my Best of 2016 list, but also on my all-time favorites list. If this is how Sally Thorne marks her debut into the world of the book, I can only imagine what else she has to do.

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