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The Devil Takes You Home book pdf download for free or read online, also The Devil Takes You Home pdf was written by Gabino Iglesia.

Gabino Iglesias is a writer, journalist, professor, and literary critic based in Austin, TX. He is the author of the books ZERO SAINTS and COYOTE SONGS and the editor of BOTH SIDES and HALLDARK HOLIDAYS. His work has been nominated twice for a Bram Stoker Award and a Locus Award, and won the 2019 Wonderland Book Award for Best Novel. His nonfiction has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Electric Literature, and LitReactor.

BookThe Devil Takes You Home
AuthorGabino Iglesia
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The Devil Takes You Home Book PDF download for free

The Devil Takes You Home Book PDF download for free

The Devil Takes You Home book is a panoramic odyssey for fans of S.A. Cosby’s southern noir, Blacktop Wasteland, through the borderline storytelling of Stephen Graham Jones and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

The Devil Takes You Home Book Pdf Download

From the very first word of THE DEVIL TAKES YOU HOME, author Gabino Iglesias kicked readers in the stomach and then continued. An unrelentingly dark and brutal tone permeates this story of a man holding on to the end of his rope and making all the wrong decisions but with the best of intentions.

Mario’s young daughter dies of cancer, her marriage falls apart, and looming medical bills cast a deepening shadow of debt he can’t overcome. Desperate and with no other choice, Mario does what he has to do for his family. Reluctantly turning to a life of crime to earn enough money to stay afloat. When the chance to get his life’s score falls into his lap, Mario must decide how far he’s willing to risk an apparent reconciliation for what’s left of his family, which is past the point. of rupture.

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A genre-defying mix of crime, noir and supernatural horror that the author dubbed Barrio Noir. For me, it was as if Breaking Bad (my favorite TV show of all time) and From Dusk Till Dawn had come together and given birth to mutant offspring. There are cartels, hitmen, drug dealers, arms smugglers, and some nightmarish creatures found along the bleak landscape of the US-Mexico border.

However, the real fabric that holds the story together are the intertwined themes of racism, poverty, religion, and violence. How they push, pull and tug at the characters, informing their choices while being responsible for the situations they find themselves in when they start. Speaking of violence, although it is not too bloody or grotesque, it is visceral, cruel and savage. There’s one scene in particular that will make readers cringe (you’ll never look at bolt cutters the same way again).

Iglesias writes with such natural authenticity that one can feel that he is sometimes inspired by his own personal experiences. From eating the cineraria while driving down empty stretches of highway, to the lonely roadside diner serving greasy food with water-stained cutlery, to the longing and loving memories of home, the sights, the flavors and the smells of our childhood. These are small but powerful moments in my opinion where characters become more than just words on the page, they become relatable in a way that we, the readers, can make a tangible connection and see how, even for a short time, we slipped into his shoes.

A dark and haunting representation of the American dream. THE DEVIL TAKES YOU HOME by Gabino Iglesias is a modern odyssey, not of Greek heroes and distant lands, but of desperate men seeking salvation, trying to make amends and right wrongs the only way they know how, by shedding blood. An attack of loss, pain, struggle and almost hopelessness. Iglesias masterfully engages the reader’s raw emotions as he tells a gripping and harrowing tale of revenge. This was my first reading of Gabino, but it definitely won’t be my last. I have COYOTE SONGS burning a hole in my Kindle waiting to be read.

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