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The Law Of Innocence book pdf download for free or read online, also The Law Of Innocence pdf was written by Michael Connelly.

BookThe Law Of Innocence
AuthorMichael Connelly
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The Law Of Innocence Book PDF download for free

The Law Of Innocence Book PDF download for free

On the night of celebrating a major victory, police arrest defense attorney Mickey Haller and find the body of a former client in the trunk of his Lincoln. Haller is immediately charged with murder, but is unable to pay the exorbitant five million dollar bail a vengeful judge has set.

Deciding to represent himself, Mickey is forced to defend himself from his prison cell at the Twin Towers Correctional Center in downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile, he must look over his shoulder: as a court official, he’s an instant target and makes few friends when he uncovers a corruption scheme within the prison.

But the biggest conspiracy is against him. Haller knows that he has been tricked, either by a new enemy or an old one. With his trusted team, including his half-brother Harry Bosch, investigating, Haller must use all of his skills in the courtroom to counter the damning evidence against him.

Even if he can get an acquittal, Mickey understands that it won’t be enough. To be truly exonerated, he must find out who really did the murder and why. This is the law of innocence.

The Law Of Innocence Book Pdf Download

First of all, I am a huge fan of Michael Connelly and have read all of his novels and non-fiction, CRIME BEAT. I especially like the Mickey Haller books because there has been a lack of good court drama ever since Steve Martini switched genres. Mickey is the only serious game in town, and much of THE LAW OF INNOCENCE (very well titled and explained) is courtroom drama. MC’s ability to have the necessary knowledge of the law, legal maneuvering and the intricacies of the courts is very, very impressive.

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Mickey finds himself in a wounded world. A former client’s body was found in the trunk of one of his Lincolns, and blood and ballistic evidence were found in the garage of his home. He is arrested for murder, imprisoned in the Twin Towers and forced to fight for his freedom and his life under reduced circumstances.

Luckily he has a good team, a prison officer who supports him and the support of his half brother Harry Bosch. Harry’s role is more than a cameo in the novel, but remains unrelated to the plot. MC cleverly makes this a story about friends and family, not just crime and law. The family dimensions (with Mickey working with two ex-wives and reuniting with an ex-girlfriend) are sweet and engaging.

The book also has a contemporary twist as it is set at the start of the covid pandemic and ends with people wearing masks, face shields and rubber gloves. Unfortunately, the pandemic is largely irrelevant to the story and somewhat distracting. I know this wouldn’t happen, but the book feels like an eager and inexperienced editor persuaded the MC to “update” the book.

As readers will know, there are two problems with the book. The most serious concerns the ending, which I won’t spoil (although another reviewer did). Suffice it to say that the main story arc sets the reader up for a crescendo ending that is muted. The ending is plausible, more or less satisfying, and probably unavoidable, but it throws off the pace of the book.

The second issue is more of an annoyance than a blemish, but Amazon reviews show how important it is to many readers. Not a Trump fan, Mickey will do anything to remove a Trump voter from his jury. There are incidental criticisms of DJT that are not essential to the story. Note that the novel is a first-person narrative. Mickey criticizes DJT, not Michael Connelly. This is annoying because it’s largely free. This is not an open attack like in Carl Hiaasen’s recent novel SQUEEZE ME.

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As other reviewers have commented (and as I pointed out in my review of Hiaasen’s book), it’s not particularly smart to piss off half of its potential readers, and as one reviewer noted, we come to crime fiction to escape, entertain, and inspire. . Our culture is steeped in politics, and many of us would rather have much less. Personally, I love a good political novel, but I’d rather not read politicized novels. In THE LAW OF INNOCENCE, the political commentary is incidental and, as I said above, more of an annoyance than a fatal flaw.

My educated judgment is that this was possibly the best of the Lincoln Lawyer novels, but the pace of its plot was such that the grand finale never fully materialized.

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