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Our Little Secret book pdf download for free or read online, also Our Little Secret pdf was written by Erica Ridley.

BookOur Little Secret
AuthorErica Ridley
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Our Little Secret Book PDF download for free

Our Little Secret Book PDF download for free

Bad things don’t happen at Cason Glen.
The locals take care of that.

When the residents of the most exclusive neighborhood in the city discover that one of them is missing, a wave of panic and discord is triggered in the neighborhood.
You should be safe.
But they quickly realize that all is not as it seems in their idyllic world.

Cracks begin to appear, revealing the dark and insidious truth behind their homes, their neighbors, and the lengths some people go to protect their secrets.

someone is lost
someone is dead
Everybody lies.

In a city filled with expertly woven webs, these six friends are about to see their world come crashing down. And if they’re not careful, one of them could be the next to go…

If everyone you meet is a liar, how do you decide who to trust?

Our Little Secret Book Pdf Download

I had heard some good things about this author, Kiersten Modglin, so I was interested in reading it, starting with this mystery I saw available on KU. In Our Little Secret we are taken to a small town called Cason Glen where bad things don’t usually happen. However, bad things happened last summer and they all have dark little secrets they don’t want to share.

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Our Little Secret was a good fast-paced mystery as it begins with Jude and Michelle Rivera waking up to their neighbor Stephanie calling to say that she sees a car coming off the bridge. Jude and Michelle worry that if the divers clean up the lake, their dark secret could be exposed. It’s not just Jude and Michelle who are worried, Enzo is scared too.

Last summer, Stephanie’s husband, Ted, went missing. Meanwhile, another body has turned up and it seems that everything is connected. The town of the Cason Glen has a very dark past and no one in small town is ready to really go down without a fight. I wasn’t sure about the ending of this story as I loved the characters of Jude, Michelle and Enzo but I hated the characters of Stephanie and her two sons Rafe and Dominic as the whole family was on a losing streak as the mother she loved.

playing the victim and the kids were just spoiled jerks and they screwed me over. I am now looking forward to reading more books by this author, Kiersten Modglin, as she is a new mystery writer to add to my reading list.

At Cason Glen, everyone has scandalous secrets to hide, and everyone tells lies to keep their behavior from being exposed. Sheriff Jude Rivera must try to uncover the truth amid all the gossip unfolding in the Southwest Acres neighborhood…

Sheriff Jude Rivera’s wife is Michelle, who is always sniffing out lewd gossip about her neighbors… her daughter is Caroline, a high school student with a secret of her own… Enzo is the mayor of the Carson Glen and Leslie was his wife. had been shot during a home invasion… Stephanie’s husband, high school history teacher Ted, disappeared without a trace, leaving her to try to raise seventeen-year-old twins Rafael and Dominic. all while she was working two jobs that barely paid Bills…

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More lies were told as everything came crashing down around each of the main characters. The truth didn’t seem to matter, they all just kept secrets that the lake kept hidden from the outside world…

I slowly started reading this book because there was a lot of information that I didn’t want to miss. Once I figured out the players (names and relationships), I was able to fly through the pages without missing a thing. The more he read, the more he wanted to know. This one had me turning pages and I didn’t know who did what to whom (in most cases) until the multiple revelations…

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