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The Muse book pdf download for free or read online, also The Muse pdf was written by Emma Scott.

BookThe Muse
AuthorEmma Scott
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The Muse Book PDF download for free

The Muse Book PDF download for free

Cole Matheson didn’t think the road to becoming a successful painter would be paved with gold, but he did hope there would be a few smoother bumps. The insidious self-doubt that whispers to him that he is worthless, has no talent, has no hope brings him to the brink of despair. Maybe it would be better to give up.

A midnight visit from a beautiful creature of darkness changes everything…

Ambrose Edward Meade-Finch surrendered to darkness centuries ago, having known only pain and suffering in his short life. Now Ambri makes people dance on her strings and feeds on their desire for their own pleasure. But his feudal lord questions his loyalty and orders him to bring a human soul to his dark realm.

The Muse Pdf Download

Cole Matheson seems like an easy target, but Ambri hasn’t counted on his kindness or the depth of his generous soul that loves Ambri for who he is. And Cole never expected to find in Ambri a muse to unleash his talent who might as well be the one his lonely heart has been searching for. Something fragile yet powerful is growing between them, and the possibility of soul-deep love is at stake if they only have the courage to reach for it.

But fairy tale endings come at a price. The dark forces of Ambri reply that they promised her a soul and are coming to collect it…

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The Muse is book 2 in the Angels & Demons series, but can also be read on its own.

Cole Matheson may be down on his luck and in dire straits, but that’s nothing compared to the eternal depths of the underworld that Ambri is destined for after willingly giving up his human existence. This is a story of suffering, sacrifice and also redemption. Ambri has experienced more than enough rejection and abandonment, so now he’s the one pulling the strings of the puppet. To avoid punishment, Ambri must choose a subject who chooses to pursue his own undoing, and Ambri discovers that Cole is the perfect candidate because all Cole needs is an extra nudge. Child’s play for Ambri, he thinks.

To Ambri’s surprise, Cole may have been the ideal victim, but Cole has what Ambri always wanted and never could have: unconditional, returned love. She adored Cole, he was so pure and benevolent. He attributes his success as a painter to Ambri, who turns out to be an extraordinary muse. He didn’t hate Ambri for his motivations. We’ve seen him before in The Sinner and he’s not entirely villainous, especially when you know his story.

While he is quite cold and anxious, his walls come down. Both of these characters have a sweet and endearing vulnerability where they need to be wrapped and held. Ambri may have been trying to save her own skin, but I admired her courage in putting herself in the line of fire and knowing the consequences. Emma Scott writes another soulful novel, this one about the pain we all try to bury but finally find the courage to let go and seek love instead. Love for ourselves and for others, but love that heals and makes us more complete.

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